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We love our website. The Story delivered on what they said they would, both in the time frame we needed and at the price we agreed to – with no surprises. They continue to provide excellent support after the launch.

Michael LaPorte

General Manager,
Clearview Nursery

“Ensuring that your website looks & functions well on various”

Wayne Brodland

Professor Emeritus,
University of Waterloo

The design and development work is excellent.  It delivered on my vision.  It’s clean and pleasing to the eye.

Dave Mason

300 Cybersecurity

“Ensuring that your website looks & functions well on various”

Nikki May

Social Media & Marketing Director,
Babysitting Connection

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We Love Making Remarkable Websites

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Project Name

Sierra Supply Chain Services


Horizon InteractiveGold


Sierra Supply Chain Services Sierra Supply Chain Services is a North American leader in comprehensive…

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BVD Group

Creative Fields

Web Design, UI/UX Interaction


Horizon InteractiveBronze


BVD Group Historically, BVD Group has been a travel centre, providing diesel fuel, and various…

Project Name



Horizon InteractiveGold


FlavaDaddy provides awesome, convenient meals to make life easier for our customers. FlavaDaddy cuts the…

Project Name

Elite IVF


Horizon InteractiveBest in Category


Elite IVF ELITE IVF is a global fertility agency for intended parents, egg donors and…

What We Do

Web Design That Makes Impact

Our web design firm has two very simple goals; to optimize every user’s experience and hand-craft measurable impact for all our clients.


Our agile team of designers and developers is nimble and able to deliver premium websites within tight timeframes.

Website Design

Website Design

Engagement and user experience strategy provides the foundation of our website designs that deliver enhanced UX/UI and consistent browsing experience on every device.

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We meticulously craft the written text for your website that is designed to grab the visitor’s attention, engage the reader and convert the buyer.

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Leveraging our expertise the spectrum of digital marketing disciplines, we work with you to ensure that your website aligns with your business goals.

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Utilizing WooCommmerce, our design and development expertise offers unique capabilities for our clients’ eCommerce website solution needs.

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We can create an awesome logo, website and associated visual assets.  We can also enable your company’s brand to stand out in your competitive market.

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Web Development

Web Development

Our developers take your tailor-made web design and develop it to exacting standards, including any unique customizations, animations or other custom functions you need for your business.

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WordPress Design

WordPress Design

Fully customized WordPress website design and development that harnesses the full potential of the world’s leading CMS, so you can supercharge your digital marketing efforts.

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How We Work

Our Web Design Process

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Seek First to Understand icon

1. Seek First to Understand

Our team examines our clients business goals and uncovers opportunities period for advancement.

Analyze Core Business Drivers

2. Analyze Core Business Drivers

We investigate your target marketing and identify key strategies for superior marketing performance.

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Focus on Attaining Succes

3. Focus on Attaining Succes

We design impactful websites, think strategically, love telling stories so our clients can reach new heights.

Start Your Awesome Website

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Who We Work With

At The Story, we work with businesses that want more than just a good website – they want something truly spectacular. The websites of our clients have to look amazing and be custom designed just for them. They have to be easy to read and help them achieve their business goals too. 

We help our clients through the process of shaping their website vision. We enable our clients to avoid the pitfalls of subpar user experiences or ineffective user interfaces. We help our clients to establish a distinct digital brand identity that supports their digital marketing strategies.

We make freakin’ awesome websites for our clients.

Cherry Beach Sound
Elite IVF
Best Buddies Canada
Fast N Easy
Paws Playgrounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the highlights:

  • Top Talent
  • Understanding goals and requirements
  • Excellence in design and UI/UX
  • Expert Development and Testing
  • Professional Project Management

Our team consists of top designers, developers, project managers, copywriters, and strategists. We have a process for creating designs that align with our clients’ vision.

We discover our clients’ goals and requirements. While we create the copywriting for some clients’ websites, others provide their own content. We create multiple design concepts for our clients, ensuring the right vision and top-quality designs. Our designs emphasize simplicity of design and ease of navigation, reflecting our commitment to excellence in UI/UX.

We are a custom web design services company, creating professional designs that are visually pleasing and easy to read.  Along with our experienced development team, our team delivers websites that ensure excellent user experience across platforms, browsers, and screen sizes.

Throughout the process, we actively manage your web design project to ensure it keeps moving forward to completion. We can also offer strategic consulting to take your website to another level.

Here are the main factors that can impact the cost of a website:

  • How many pages your website will have
  • The complexity of the pages
  • The quality of the design and the quality of the development
  • Whether you provide copywriting (the text) or you have us provide it for you
  • Whether specialized functionality such as sophisticated calculators is needed on the website
  • Professional photography and/or video requirements
  • Any high-end animations and video effects needed
  • Other graphic design elements which will be a part of the design project
  • eCommerce business needs and the complexity of the custom eCommerce website design, such as the number of variations to product

If you are a small business, just starting out, and you have a limited budget, you could create a website yourself for just the cost of your time or you could get a low-end, offshore website for $500 to $1,000. But with these options, you are never sure what you are going to get.

Most companies should try to determine what they want to accomplish with their website.  There may be measurable goals, such as leads or sales. Or there may be objectives that are harder to measure, such as increasing the professionalism of the brand of your company.  Most of the websites that The Story Web Design provides cost in the range of $5,000 to $75,000.

If you are shopping around for a website, you are likely to find widely varying quotes. For example, for a 20-page website, you might have some companies quoting you $4,000 and others $30,000. It’s important to get a handle on what you need to accomplish with your new website and find the best partner who can help you achieve that, within what you consider a “reasonable” budget.


Some of our clients want The Story to write the copy (the text) for their website.  Here’s why we think it’s helpful to get a professional to help create the copy for your website:

The first reason is that our clients don’t have time to create the writing for their website.  They usually procrastinate the writing of the content for the website and that delays getting the website project completed and everyone is frustrated.

The second reason is that our clients benefit from having someone else look at how they communicate to their target market.  The outside view can help create copy that better communicates their message and information.

The third reason is that good copywriters understand how to write in a way that is easy for people to read.  And they know how to create emotion in the reader.  Emotion creates connection and emotion is helpful in getting people to make a decision, whether that is to sign up, contact, schedule or buy.

The Story works with a variety of industries.  We excel at understanding our clients offerings and presenting them to the target client in a way that connects with them.

We have worked with many different industries, including: financial services, law firms, service providers, technology, software companies, manufacturing companies, startups and technology firms, medical practices, dog daycares, retreat centres, AI, and blockchain.

The Story provides a service where we host websites and we maintain them.  Maintenance means that we update the backend systems, like WordPress, plugins, themes and PHP.  If something breaks, we fix it.  For mission critical websites, we also offer 24-hour monitoring and support.

We also provide a service that updates content and other aspects of a website.  This is charged on a case by case basis, either hourly or fixed price.

At The Story, to provide you with a quote for how much your website is going to cost, we first have a consultation with you, so we clearly understand what you need to accomplish. We will identify what business goals you need to achieve and your requirements, and then we will also work to gain insights about your target marketing and your unique value proposition. We will then prepare a detailed proposal and, if it’s useful, we will provide you with options so you can determine what the best course of action is for your website needs.

If you have a problem with your website, we’d like to help. In most cases, we can fix your existing website so that you can continue to function with it.

We maintain our focus on being the best custom website design company; we are not an SEO company, so we do not provide SEO campaigns (monthly campaigns that help get rankings on Google). However, we do ensure we use best practices for SEO when developing websites for our clients. We can also provide SEO research and keyword mapping for the content on your website, which can help to get your website better ranked on Google for a stronger web presence.

We do not use templates. The Story is a custom web design company. That means that we design websites and then we develop them. Each and every website is custom-crafted and unique. We work with our clients to understand their vision, and then create a website with a design to match it. 

The Story primarily works with WordPress. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that helps companies organize their information and enables them to make most changes without a coder. 

In certain circumstances, we do develop using HTML to accomplish special functions. With HTML a developer is required to make all changes.

No. Our web design agency only provides custom website design and development. Each website that we deliver to our clients is bespoke, so it best matches their individual business and website needs. 

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