Copywriting for Websites

Providing Copywriting that Sells

Does your website engage and persuade? If it doesn’t, your website won’t achieve the results you want. Websites that engage and persuade have purpose-built content that:
  • Grabs attention right away.
  • Get’s visitors to think about their problems and impact.
  • Offers proof of your capability.
  • Provides a credible call to action.

If your website isn’t engaging and persuasive, you could be losing out on losing out on 200%, 300% or more in leads and sales.

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The Copywriting Problem

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It's hard to write persuasive copy


Writing gets procrastinated


Bad copy hurts Google rankings

300% Increase

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One of our clients had a problem with the attention rate on their website. For every visitor to the website, 68% bounced off of the website. A bounce is when someone comes to the website and leaves right away.

Our client’s old website didn’t get anyone’s attention. It didn’t engage or inspire.

When The Story Web Design and Digital marketing provided a new, wow factor design for them, their bounce rate dropped to less than 2%. That means that for every 1000 people who came to their website, originally, 320 people were spending time on their old website. With the new website design, more than 980 people were engaged in the website. That’s more than a 300% increase.

Maximizing Marketing

This is a huge way to stretch marketing dollars for any company. A website that engaging and persuasive copy and marries it with excellent web design can see a significant multiplier of the results from their marketing.
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Important Fact

The most persuasive copy is written between a third and sixth grade level. Simple copy makes it easy for anyone to read. Everyone is distracted and simply written copy makes it easy for everyone to keep engaged.

Scientifically Proven Strategies

The Story helps you clarify your message so that it connects with your target market.  Your message identifies the issues that they have and helps them to get uncomfortable with their situation.

The Story brings together scientifically proven persuasion techniques, a clear message, and emotion.  A clear persuasive message that your target market emotionally connects with leads to increased conversions.

If you want to see your website be more effective, you need copywriting that’s designed for your success.


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How It Works



We work with you to understand: your needs, the identity of your business, your business objectives.
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Research and Interviews

We research your company, your unique value, your company, SEO keywords and we interview key players in your company.

Drafts, Reviews and Final

We create drafts and review them with you. We refine them to ensure we get the message just right.
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My Periodontal practice needed a website that looked professional and helped us to grow our practice. The Story delivered a custom designed website that gave visitors an impression of who we are. The Story also helped us with copy and other design work. And when we needed to address issues with Google My Business, The Story stepped up helped us through the issues.
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RYAN CLAGETT, Periodontist


Great Copy Brings More Sales

  • A Clear Message
  • An Engaging Website
  • A More Persuasive Message
  • More Leads and Sales
Great copy enables your website to create need, create a sense of urgency, increase desire and build trust.