Creating Your Universal Value Proposition

Creating Your Unique Value Proposition

Getting visitors engagement on your website can be hard If you have a Universal Value Proposition (UVP), you can quickly convey your value and get their attention.

A More Successful Website

A quality UVP will help your website to be more successful.

This resource will help you to create a quality UVP, so that visitors can be engaged quickly.  They will know what makes you unique and why they should be interested in your offering.  If your value proposition has a benefit that’s immediately apparent to your prospects, you will have a leg up on your competitors.  Often, companies compare on features.

A Unique Value Proposition  helps your company to quickly communicate what makes your business unique from your competitors.

How to create a value proposition

Creating a UVP can be really difficult, however, this resource provides you with the questions in order to help you compile the ideas and concepts you need to create your UVP.  There’s even some formulas to help make it easy for you.

Put Yourself in Your customer’s shoes

Start by understanding your existing customers

  • What do your customers really want?
  • What makes them come back again and again?
  • Why do they choose you over your competitors?  (The answer might be quality, convenience, reliability, friendliness, cleanliness, price, courtesy or customer service.)
  • What could you do to get them to choose you again and again and ignore your competitors?
  • What motivates your customers’ behavior and buying decisions?

Make a list of what motivates your customers’ behavior and buying decisions, including:

  • What are their needs and desires?
  • What are the real reasons people buy your products instead of your competitors?

What is a value proposition?

A value proposition is a promise that your product or service is going to deliver value.  This is often the primary reason that someone buys from you.

A value proposition statement will explain:

  • How your offering solves a customer’s problem or how it improves their situation (how it’s relevant for them).
  • What specific benefits you provide (a quantified value)
  • Why an ideal prospect should choose to buy from you and not someone else (how you are uniquely different)

How to Create your Value Proposition

Here’s a series of steps that will help you understand how and why you are unique and then apply them into a statement about your company.

  1. Why should your target customer buy from you instead of a competitor?
  2. How do your answers compare with the claims of your competitors?
  3. How are you better than your competition in at least one area?
  4. In 10 words or less, describe why people should buy from you instead of your competition. Write down anything that’s essential you think you’ve missed.
  5. Repeat until you have at least one statement that you believe can work.
  6. Work to clarify your UVP until you determine that it is a clear credible statement.

Additional Tips

Customer Beliefs: Work to understand how customers describe what you do and how they believe that they benefit from it?  Interview them.

Analyze Competitors: Consider your competitors and how they position themselves with their ads and marketing messages.  What do the ‘say’ that they sell?  How are they distinguishing themselves from their competitors?

Unique in Perception: Remember that you don’t need to be unique in the whole market place.  A customer needs to determine that you have unique value in their mind.

More Questions for the Difficult to Differentiate

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.  If you are feeling that you can’t differentiate properly, look at the weaknesses of your competitors & ask yourself:

  • Is your website easier to use?
  • Can your customer your product or service to their needs?
  • Are you easier to buy from?
  • Do you have amazing customer service?
  • Do you have a better guarantee?
  • Do you have lower prices?
  • Do you ship faster?
  • Do you provide greater total value?
  • Do you provide better insight?
  • Is your atmosphere better?

Great examples of UVPs

Intuit: simplifying the business of life.

LegalShield: Worry Less. Live More

ZenPayroll: The easiest way to pay your employees

Fundly: Raise Money For Anything

HubSpot: Grow Your Business

PicPlum: Share Your Best Moments

WP Engine: Hassle-Free WordPress Hosting

Uber: The smartest way to get around

Apple iPhone: The Experience IS the Product

Unbounce: A/B Testing Without Tech Headaches

Digit: Save Money Without Thinking About It

LessAccounting: Bookkeeping, Without the Hassle

CrazyEgg: Website Behavior Tracking at an Unbeatable Price

MailChimp: Send Better Email

Collar Shave Club: A Great shave for a few bucks a month

MacBook: Light Years Ahead

Vimeo: Make Life Worth Watching

FreshBooks: Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You, The Non-Accountant

The Ladders: Move Up in Your Career

Salesforce: Move faster with Salesforce

Evernote: Remember Everything

Skype: Helps you share, message and call on phone, tablet and desktop for the whole world

Invision: Design Better, Faster, Together

Fill in the Blanks Universal Value Proposition

If you haven’t been able to compile a UVP yet, perhaps these fill in the blank formulas for your UVP will help you.

Template 1:

For (who is your customer) who (the problem) our (your solution) so that (the value you provide)

Example: For companies that need more business who have a website that’s not helping them our web design addresses our client’s business needs so that they can be successful.

Template 2:

We help (who is your customer) to (what do you do for them) so that (what value do you provide)

Example: We help companies to get websites that help their business so that they can achieve their business objectives.

Template 3:

(What is the value that you offer).  (What is the product or service).  (Who should choose your product or service)

Enabling our customers to succeed online.  Custom crafted, business focused websites for businesses that want to succeed.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do state why people should buy from you

Don’t force your copy to be clever – make it clear

Do focus your UVP on what you do better than your competition

Next Steps

You can now make your website more successful and other marketing materials with your Unique Value Proposition.

The UVP that you have created is probably for your company.  You can use this same process for creating a UVP for the products and services that you offer.  This isn’t required, however

If you want help creating quality copy for your website, The Story can help you.  The Story is focused on helping our customers to create successful websites.

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