Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Testing
Are you getting lots of web traffic but not many leads or sales?

Just because you’re getting lots of website traffic doesn’t mean that traffic is helping your bottom line. Even if people are visiting your site, that doesn’t mean they are converting. They could be landing on it, and then immediately leaving. Or they could be spending some time looking around, then moving onto another business. Either way, you need to transform your website to change those visitors into your customers. You do this through Conversion Rate Optimization.

The Story Web Design & Marketing with improve your online results by building a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy specifically designed for your company’s needs.

Understanding CRO Services

Our data-driven CRO strategy will be focused on:

  • Reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement
  • Increasing conversions = leads and sales
  • Using variant testing to optimize key elements for action

CRO isn’t based on feelings or hunches, but on accurate data taken from your website’s metrics through tools such as Google Analytics. This doesn’t mean that metric data alone is the answer. Conversion Rate Optimization is both an art and a science. Truly effective CRO requires data-driven accuracy combined with creativity in order to properly optimize your website to increase your conversions and leads.

Generate More Leads and Sales with Conversion Rate Optimization

What are Conversions?

Whenever someone visits your website, you have an action in mind that you hope they will take. This could be anything from buying your product to calling your physical location. When a visitor takes this action, they are converted.

Your conversion rate is, therefore, an accurate measure of just how well your website is serving your business. If you have a high level of traffic, but a low level of conversions, then you should consider Conversion Rate Optimization.

If you focus on increasing site visitors without increasing conversion rate, you are leaving money on the table.

What is the difference between CRO and SEO?

We believe SEO and CRO are two side of the same digital marketing coin. SEO is about getting people to your website, while CRO is about what they do once they get there.

Search engine optimization uses techniques on your website designed to help drive up your web ranking. Through the smart use of keywords and links, a SEO optimized website will show up on the first page of search results for customers who are looking for your service. In other words, SEO is meant to get your customers to your site.

Getting Visitors to take Action

CRO is all about what your customers do once they arrive there. Once they have landed on your homepage, you want them to convert. You need them to become engaged by your website’s content, your service, and call them to action. This could be a phone call to your business, purchasing your product, downloading an email, or even simply sharing your site on social media.
Conversion rate optimization AB Testing
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Increase Engagement & Conversions

If you’re focused on increasing your web traffic without increasing your conversion rate, you are leaving money on the table. It isn’t enough that they are visiting your website, you need them to engage with it.

The way that we use the internet is changing, with more and more people viewing websites on their phone while on the move. This requires a shift in the way we think about Conversion Rate Optimization. A responsive website design is no longer a feature, it is a necessity.

Our CRO team can segment results by the type of device your website is viewed on. This will help us maximize conversion, whether your prospects are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. If your conversion rate optimization strategy is tailored to your business needs, then more potential clients will be converted from visitors to leads and sales.

Contact Us for A Free Website Audit

Our CRO and SEO experts would be happy to view your website to tell you exactly why you aren’t at the top of local search engine results. Once you know how you can improve your web ranking, we can start to optimize your conversion rate and transform your new visitors into loyal customers.

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