Search Engine Optimization

You Need Traffic To Succeed

If no one is coming to your website, your website will be a failure. SEO can drive lots of traffic to your website and help you to grow your business.  Our Search Engine Optimization company can help you succeed.

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SEO Means Growth

Getting more visitors to your website means more business. If you want to grow your business, getting ranked highly on Google is one of the best ways.

Do you have a business that isn’t performing as well as you’d like? Perhaps your website is pretty good, but you just aren’t getting the business you should.

Exponential Potential
Search Engine Optimization can increase the traffic to your website exponentially.  If your business isn’t growing like you want it to and your rankings on Google aren’t great, you have a great opportunity.

SEO is Cost Effective Marketing

Get more traffic to your website and watch your company grow.

We Love to Help Our Clients Grow

One of our clients was ranking on the first page for most of the high-volume keywords for their industry. They were ranking mostly in the 5-20th position on Google. They were getting some new clients from their website, but they knew they could do better.

They asked The Story to help them. We were able to get them rankings top 5 for most of their keywords, some of them at 1. This caused a significant increase in the number of calls that led to more customers.

Higher Rankings Give Exponential Traffic Growth
About 40% of all clicks happen for the top 3 positions on Google. Less than 5% happen for rankings on the 2nd page or after. If you want to get a share of the all of the clicks for the main keywords for your industry.
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How It Works

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We research the best keywords for you to rank and which ones your website is able to rank for easily.
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SEO Campaign

We launch a campaign aimed to positioning your website with Google to help Google rank you highly.

Traffic Growth

We provide reporting, so you can see the results. More importantly you watch your business grow.
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“The Story has seriously helped to take our rankings to another level and we’ve seen an incredible increase in our business since starting with them! Always responds promptly to any inquiries, explains techie things in a clear and concise manner, and just wonderful to deal with! Highly recommend these guys!!”

Sue Faust


Don’t Wait to Get More Traffic and More Sales

SEO can dramatically increase traffic to your website