Our team consists of passionate eCommerce website developers, skilled designers, and digital marketing experts. We provide robust eCommerce web development services and guide our clients towards a successful launch of scalable eCommerce solutions.

The Story Web Design & Marketing is known for creating a harmonious blend of user-friendly experiences with compelling visual design. We lay out these designs to cater to the optimal web reading experience. As your eCommerce development services provider, we offer expert insights into your website and eCommerce requirements. Our role as a full-service digital marketing agency ensures that we provide all the necessary services to maximize your online store’s revenue.

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eCommerce Website Design and Development

We design and develop online stores that are designed to convert website traffic to sales and profits. Our expertise will help you through the process from initial consultation, design, development and marketing.
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ECommerce Storefront Design

We create a best-in-class website design to align and enhance your brand, as well as provide a buying process that’s simple and compelling.
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ECommerce Development

We develop your website in a best-in-class eCommerce system; based on your needs, WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento are used.
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eCommerce Marketing Services

More traffic will be driven to your online store. We will execute digital marketing strategies and campaigns to generate targeted traffic, resulting in more sales for your company.

SEO for ECommerce

Both our eCommerce and Local SEO Services will ensure your brand presence and product listings have maximum visibility on the web.

Marketing Automation

Utilizing re-marketing and email marketing strategies, we help you connect with customers. build relationships and increase loyalty and your bottom-line.

Ad Campaign Management

Our digital advertising agency drives purchase-ready traffic to your website, boosting sales and maximizing your advertising dollars.

Foundations of a great eCommerce Website

Online stores are successful when they correctly implement the following four core areas:
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It's Easy to Shop and Buy

Your website must make it easy for visitors to find what they want. The buying process needs to be simple beginning to end. The user experience has to be great on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.
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Qualified Traffic

Targeted traffic must be driven to your website. We help you select the optimal methods of promoting your ebusiness so you can get the new customers you need.
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Develop Relationships

You want to develop prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. We help you connect with your prospects to develop lasting relationships.

Website Design for eCommerce

We guarantee you will love your design.

Each eCommerce project includes a minimum of 3 rounds of revision for each page design; all included in the cost. You get the brand look and feel you want.
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How It Works

requirements discovery

Requirements Discovery

We take the time to understand what you need and to provide guidance on the selecting right options to help you get the best ROI.
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Design and Development

We create a plan, design the website and interfaces, develop the draft site and thoroughly test the site before we take it live.
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Training and Launch

We provide training on how to add products, add discounts and handle returns. We launch the site and the online sales begin.
“Working with The Story was tremendous. When they first revealed my page layouts to me I was blown away. It was much better than I had imagined, and used colours and graphics that I absolutely represented how I feel about my brand.”
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Mark ChristiePresident Salesforce Training

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What makes an eCommerce website great?
If your online store is selling lots and you are making money, you have a great eCommerce website. If you don’t, there are many things that can be done to improve your website so it will generate more business.

A great online store must make it easy to find products and easily understand the product and its value. The checkout process needs to be seamless and quick. The online store must function well whether on a desktop or laptop computer. The online store needs to have lots of traffic from qualified buyers coming to it, whether from ads, SEO, content marketing or influencer marketing.

Most importantly, when an eCommerce website is profitable and achieving the business goals, the website can be considered great.

How do I work with a website designing company?

A web designing company should be there to help you through the process of creating your professional website. They should help you understand your business objectives and how they impact the web design and all of the online marketing factors related to it.  You should be ready to tell your web designer at a minimum:

  • what you are trying to achieve
  • what you want your website design to look like
  • provide them with your content (or a framework of the content that you want so they can write it for you)

If you are looking for a broader understanding of what you should discuss with your website designer, please check out the Website Buyer’s Checklist.

What is WordPress and why would I want my website developed on WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is an interface for helping to develop and manage a website.

WordPress is free and open-source CMS. More than 60 million website designs have been developed in WordPress. For more information on WordPress, check out Wikipedia

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