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Feature Web Design Project – AOMS Technologies


AOMS Technologies needed a custom crafted web design that effectively communicated what they do.

AOMS provides optical sensing technology that allows industrial clients to measure temperature, pressure, liquid level, humidity, chemicals and vibration.  Their sensing technology can work over long distances in harsh environments, including chemically corrosive, EM interference, extreme temperatures, heavy industries, explosion prone environments and difficult to access locations.

Custom Crafted Feature Image

AOMS needed a feature image that visually displayed the kinds of companies that they provide their solution to.  It had to help their target market understand how it works.

AOMS also had very specific requirements about how they wanted their home page to show to their prospects, including full screen sections.


WordPress Web Design and Development

The feature image was designed and through many iterations to their exact requirements, AOMS was excited about how the image captured their vision.  The website was custom designed and then developed in WordPress, which allows AOMS to make changes themselves on their own website.

Custom Designed Websites

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