Feature Web Design Project Eddy Home

Feature Web Design Project – Eddy Home

Eddy Home needed a wow factor website.  They wanted a website designed with water effects that would really drive home the need for home owners and businesses to protect themselves from water damage.  They wanted their website to be attention getting, memorable, and drive home the value that they provide to home owners and businesses.

Eddy Home is an industry leader in intelligent flood and leak protection and water conservation solutions, committed to helping customers control, protect, and conserve water in homes, multi-dwelling units, and commercial properties. Their products have saved thousands of customers millions of litres of water while alerting them to issues by continuously monitoring the water situation of their homes.

Their technology is award winning (In June of 2017, the Eddy IQ was awarded with a Water Canada Waters Next Project/Technology award).  They are committed to delivering peace of mind and revolutionizing our customers’ water environment.

What did they need?

Eddy Home needed a their website to have a greater impact on website visitors.  They wanted a website that would be unique and grab people’s attention right away.  Cool water effects were a must.

Eddy Home has a great product to be used by home owners, condos and businesses.  to help generate buzz for their water monitoring and notification product.

The new website has to be modern and have a high-end design throughout the site.  The website has to be designed to work effectively with mobile devices too.

How Was It Provided

The Story worked with Eddy Home to understand their target customer and the unique value they are providing to their target markets.  Ideas were discussed about feature statements and unique value propositions in order to best get a website visitor’s attention.

The Story then created several unique wow factor concepts for Eddy Home to choose from.  Eddy Home chose the concept that of the rising water in combination with “Stop Water Damage Before It Happens” with the pulsing “Act Now” button.

The Story then needed to develop the video, imagery and code to support the feature image on the home page.  Additionally, the rest of the site needed to be designed and developed too.

The website was built in WordPress to allow Eddy Home to easily make changes to the website and to continue to at new posts to their blog.

Check it Out

Check out a creative customer designed website design – Eddy Home.  And while you are at it, make sure that your home and business are protected from water damage!

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