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Feature Web Design Project – Sunrise Freight Systems

Over four years ago, The Story designed this website.  In 2018, we finally submitted this cool design for an award.  The Sunrise Website won an award with Horizon Interactive.

Sunrise Freight Systems is growing transportation company.  They needed a company who could help them design a website that looked fantastic and helped to elevate their brand online.  They needed a company that could help to create a custom designed website that had quality copy.

The Story Web Design & Marketing created a web design that included customized images.  Logos and numbers were placed images of trucks throughout the website, helping to provide a customized, realistic look to the imagery on the website.

You can check out more detail on the web design of the Sunrise Freight Systems website in our portfolio.  If you want an award winning website, contact The Story Web Design & Marketing at 800-349-3394.



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