Foundations of an awesome looking website

Foundations of an Awesome Looking Website

You want an awesome looking website, but aren’t sure where to start?  Start with what you know.  Know what you have and know where you are going.

Start with What You Have

Do you have:

  • Photos of your products, people, place, etc.?
  • A professionally designed logo?
  • Icons that you want to use?


Invest in great photos. Spend some time checking out , one of the top sites for developing ecommerce websites. All of their showcase websites look awesome.  And their awesomeness is usually due to the quality of the photos.

Better photos = better website. There are plenty of places to purchase quality stock photos. Or hire a professional photographer to photograph your people, products or places.


The best looking logos are also the simplest. Simplicity is key. The focus should be your company name.  Use only a few colours and if you are using an icon, it must be simple too.  Don’t think that it has to represent everything you do.

Take a look at the logos of your peers. Then look at some big international brand logos.  Compile a list of logos that you like and share them with your graphic designer as a jumping off point for designing your logo.


Choose simple icons that have meaning and convey your message.

Know Where you are Going

Find some websites that you like. Not websites that are just OK with but ones you REALLY like.  You should provide your web designer with a list of 3-5 websites.  Indicate what you like or don’t like about each website and why.  All this will help you to clearly determine what you want for your website and where you are going.

Less is More

Less is more when it comes to content. Very few people actually read a website.  Instead we skim it looking for the main points before moving on.  If there are ten points, you might read the first point.  But if there are three or four very short points, you are much more likely to actually read all of them.  

Professionally Designed

Work with a professional designer. And we mean work with them.  Don’t just hand everything over, cross your fingers and hope for the best.  Communicate with your designer.  Make sure they understand your objectives and the vision you have for your website. Choose a designer whose work you really like.

Value your web designer’s opinion. If it differs from yours, make sure that you really believe in your difference if you are going to go against their advice.

Getting an awesome looking website takes time and talent. Take the time to decide what you want.  And then hire the talent either internally or externally to get you to where you want to go.

If you want help pulling it all together, please contact The Story Web Design & Marketing at 647-723-7046.

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