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Google Deadline for Mobile Friendly

April 21st, Google will implement a change that will significantly impact sites aren’t Mobile Friendly

This is a time to pay attention.  Google is actually notifying the public that they are making a change and what the change is.

If your website is not Mobile Friendly, it’s going to be significantly impacted by the change coming from Google.  Check it out and see if you pass.

Is this real and what does it mean for me?

Yes, it’s real and you can read about it on Google’s site.  Here’s what it means.  If you have anyone searching for your firms products or services on a mobile device, your position in Google’s rankings will be significantly downgraded.

If people are searching for your products and services and finding you on Google, you should be concerned.  In 2015, it is forecast that more than 50% of all searches done will be done from a mobile device.

Is your website mobile friendly?  Google has a simple test.  Simply put your domain name in the form on their site: Get Tested Now

If you need to get your site mobile friendly now, please contact us immediately at 647-723-7046.  We can help

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