Guide for Getting Great Reviews

Guide for Getting Great Reviews

If you want reviews that can help you get more business, this guide will provide you with a process for getting great reviews from your best clients.

Make Giving Reviews Easy

Most of your best clients will give you great reviews, but thinking about what to say, takes their precious time to do that.  You can help them to consider what they like about you and why – by telling you.  You can write what they’ve told you and make it easy to get a great review.

You Get More Than Reviews

There’s more.  When you do this, you get lots of quotes you can use.  You can create a case study.  You may get some statistics too.  All of this can help you to sell more business.  And the last point.  They start to think about why they like you – and some more referrals may come out of this process.

The Process

  • Think about who your best customers are and schedule meetings with them. Let them know you want to get an understanding of their experience with you/your company.  It doesn’t need to be long – 15 to 30 minutes should do it nicely.
  • Record the conversation and take notes. Notes help you to better explore in the conversation.  The recording helps you to make sure you don’t miss anything valuable.
  • Plan out your meeting and have a set of questions that you are going to ask.
  • At the beginning of the conversation ask them if it’s OK to use some of their comments in your marketing materials.
  • Ask them questions (see below) and learn why they like doing business with you.

Questions to Ask

What things did/do you like about working with us?

What are the first three things that come to mind when you think about our company?

If you were talking with someone at another company like yours, how would you describe my company?

Is there anything else you think is important to say about your experience with my company?

Remember to dig into their responses:

  • Dig Deeper: why is that important to you? How does that help your business?  How does that make you feel?  How does that impact others in your business?  How is your business improved?
  • Get numbers wherever possible – how much does that save you? How much more revenue do you think you got because of your business with us?  Let them know approximate or ballpark numbers are fine.

Follow Up

Remember, once you are done, review your notes and the recording and write everything out.

  • Pick out the best quotes they told you and send them to your clients. Ask them to write a review for your social review pages, like Google My Business, your Facebook Business Page or others.
  • IMPORTANT: Make it easy for them to review you by providing them with instructions, including links.
  • ADDITIONAL: Consider writing a case study with the information you’ve gathered.

Get Started

Get started today.  Schedule at least one appointment with one of your best customers.

The Revenue Growth Habit has goes much deeper on how to interview your clients and leverage that information.  It’s a good read.

If you need help with reviews, web design, or digital marketing, contact The Story Web Design & Marketing  at 800-349-3394.

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