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Passionate, performance driven, digital marketing experts

We are a growing team or digital marketers with a diverse background of experience and expertise. We are a performance focused digital marketing agency with offices in Kitchener, Ontario. We create award winning websites and with digital marketing services, enable our clients to achieve their marketing goals.


Stories Really Matter

The Story Web Design & Marketing was founded on the belief that all websites tell a stories – often stories that are not intended.  For example, your website could look very unprofessional and that tells a story.  And your copy could talk all about you, indicating you don’t care about your customers. 

Stories are very important.  Stories are memorable.  Stories connect to people’s emotions.  People rarely take action about something new, without having their emotions touched.

Your website sucks, your company sucks icon

Your Company Sucks

If the look of your website sucks, it indicates that you don’t think to much about your company either.
Without stories, a website is boring

No Stories

Stories help people remember, relate, and act. Without stories action is less likely.
Don't make it just about you icon

It's All About Me

If your copy just talks about you, it indicates you are very concerned about you, not your customers.
Emotions help sales


People make decisions based on emotions. Without emotions, you rarely get action.

Past, Present and Future

When The Story Web Design & Marketing first started, we were a web design firm, because we love making great websites.  But we found that our clients needed more than a pretty website to be successful in achieving their business objectives.

The Story added Copywriting, SEO, and Advertising.  We also got involved in strategy to help our customers know what to do.  Overall branding was needed to align things like the look of the website and logo, with the copy was being written.

Along our business journey with our clients, we’ve created some amazing websites and seen our clients grow their business.

The Story continues to create awesome looking websites and deliver marketing services that help our customers to grow. We are making it even easier for our customers to select the best services for their needs and provide our services with greater efficiency and ease.


Our Services

Here is the suite of services that our Toronto digital marketing agency offers our clients:


Web Design


Web Development

Marketing strategy service

Marketing Strategy

SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization

Copywriting service


PPC advertising service

PPC Advertising

Remarketing service


social media marketing service

Social Media Marketing

social media influencer service

Influencer Marketing

google analytics service

Analytics and Reporting

website hosting service


website care plan service

Website Care Plans

Most of our customers are in Canada and the United States, but we’ve recently been expanding beyond the borders of North America. If you want to learn more about how The Story Web Design & Marketing can help you, please contact us.

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