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Make sure that your company is following the Website Best Practices.  This overview will help you to understand what best practices for website design.  Use these and get the most value from your website.

Attractive Presentation

Your website needs to look great.  The colors need to be easy to read.  The graphics need to be interesting and look good.

Copy WritingSEO Optimization

Almost everything about your best website needs to be impacted by SEO Optimization, the copy, architecture, media, and links.  SEO Optimization is required in order to get the search engine ranking you need. Ensure that your best website has proper SEO Optimization.

Great Content

The copy on the website pages, the media (pictures, graphics, audio, and video) and any attachments (whitepapers, brochures, etc.) need to have great content.  The Story creates great content needed for your best website.

Calls to Action

There needs to be a multiple calls to action as well as different kinds or levels of calls to action.  Different kinds  of calls to action could include: ‘newsletter sign up’, ‘get a free assessment’, ‘call for a quote’, or ‘buy now’.  Website Best Practices dictate that there are normally 2-5 calls to action per page.

Center of Expertise

Buyers are often looking for expertise to help them make the best purchasing decision.  A Best Practice Website often has lots of information to help your audience get educated in order to make an intelligent buying decision.  Profiling your knowledge informs your audience that your company is an expert in your field; worth talking to and desirable to do business with.

Your Qualifications

Buyers also want to know what makes you qualified.  In addition to your expertise, they want to know if you have happy customers, if you have additional credentials that qualify you as a quality company to do business with.  Quotes, testimonials, case studies, awards, peer recognition, and industry expertise can all contribute to your qualifications and Website Best Practices.

Mobile Ready

With more and more searches being conducted online, your website must function adequately (at a minimum) on smartphone in order to be considered a Best Practices Website.

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