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Mobile Internet is Impacting Your Business

The Mobile Internet is radically changing how business is being done today.  More and more web searches are done on smart phones and more and more purchases are being made on smartphones too.

Let’s take a look at the Internet stats in the study released by Pew Research Center to see what how mobile internet impact is changing:

  1.  A sale coming from mobile phones on eBay comes every 2 seconds.
  2. Smartphone sales have become bigger than PC sales.
  3. 28% of Internet usage comes from a mobile phone.
  4. 19% of search queries in the travel industry come from mobile Internet usage. In 2011, it was only 11%.
  5. In the retail industry, 16% of search queries come from mobile web usage. It was only 10% in 2011.
  6. In 2011, 10% of search queries in the entertainment industry come from mobile. It has gone up to 19% by 2012.
  7. Mobile web usage took 50% of sales related to Mother’s Day in 2012.
  8. 38% of UK tablet owners spend more of their time on their device than watching TV.
  9. Search queries from tablet increased by 23% after Christmas day.
  10. There were a total of $241 billion mobile transactions in 2011.
  11. 86% of adults own a mobile phone.
  12. 53% of adult cellphone owners use it to access the Internet.
  13. A majority of respondents use their mobile phone to access the Internet since it’s more convenient to use and they always carry it with them everywhere they go.

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