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It wasn't too long ago that I made a somewhat significant purchase for a product that I didn't know much about. And I got screwed. I think that's what lots of people are afraid of when considering Web Design and Marketing. And it doesn't matter whether they know a lot or a little.
They don't want to get screwed

Here’s the problem: there is money to be made on the Internet. But you need to choose the right strategies and tactics and get them from someone who knows what they are doing. And from someone who will do what they say.

Founding of The Story

In 2012, when I decided to start The Story Web Design & Marketing, I wasn’t an expert in web design, but I had enough experience that I knew that I could deliver good quality to my clients. The name was chosen based on this statement, “Your website tells a story, the question is what story is it telling?”

Since I founded The Story, I knew that I needed to build a team of people more talented than me. And I knew that I needed to learn more – lots more. Not just about web design, but all aspects of digital marketing and how they relate to each other. To tell a story that gets results online requires more than just a pretty website.

My Background

With my background in corporate sales and marketing, I understood that customers don’t like to be sold. They like to make informed buying decisions. that can be really hard with web design and digital marketing, because most people don’t understand it.

I love what one of my clients, Paul Dunnigan, President of American Infection Control told me, “I didn’t grow up with a computer in my hands, so I don’t always understand what my younger employees are talking about. You helped us to understand what our options were in business terms we understood.”

My Focus

One of the core principles of The Story is to understand our client’s business objectives. Because I don’t understand what my clients want, how can my team and I deliver? I like to make sure that the services we are providing are focused on the needs of our clients and the pains and desires of their clients.

What I do with my clients is help them to determine what the best options are for them to succeed. Then we are here to help make sure it happens, through the services we offer and the counsel we give.

What I Love

I and my team work hard to deliver what our clients want and need. One of the things that gets me super excited in my business is hearing that we’ve exceed their expectations. Mark Christie told us, “When he first revealed my page layouts to me I was blown away. It was much better than I had imagined, and used colours and graphics that absolutely represented how I feel about my brand.”

I’m currently focused on several strategic objectives for The Story, including:

  • Systematizing our business to better deliver our services to our clients;
  • Increasing the quality and effectiveness of the copy we create so that the results our clients get is even better;
  • Integrating more strategic and tactical business concepts that help us across the spectrum of web design and digital marketing.

More than The Story

I do have a life outside of work. I have a wonderful wife and two very young sons. I enjoy cooking, beach volleyball and roller blading.

If you’d like some insight on how I and my team might be able to help you and your company, the best place to start is helping me understand what you need with our Initial Inquiry form.

You have my commitment that we will do what we say.