American Infection Control Website Redesign

The Brief

American Infection Control (AIC) had a basic website which did not reflect the kind of company that they wanted to present to their clients and target customers.  They needed something that showcased them as a serious player in the medical surface disinfection industry.  Their website had to work well on mobile.  And most importantly, it needed to be the center point of how prospective customers would understand how their products are superior to their competitors.  It needed to communicate this simply and easily.

Our Approach

The Story Web developed designed a website.  The design work included creating mock product container designs that are highly professional.

The Story also took their comparison spreadsheet (which is very comprehensive and takes time to understand) and broke it down, competitor by competitor.

The Story also provided training and resources.

The Result

The design of the website exceeded their expectations. The mockups are look professional and highly realistic.

The product comparisons on the website shows the AIC’s superiority, simply and easily.  Now it takes seconds for a prospective customer to understand how AIC is superior to the competition.  When dealing with prospects, they send them to the website so they can understand AIC’s advantages.

The training and resources that The Story provided AIC, allowing AIC to manage and make changes to their website inhouse.

Overall, AIC found that The Story provided what they needed and at good value.

Services Provided Include:

  • Website Redesign
  • Logo Design
  • Product Design for product mockups
  • Content comparison layout design
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization

Working with The Story was a very good experience. It was very simple, and whenever we need anything, we have immediate contact.
American Infection Control

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