We love how The Story brought our concept to life.  And they have been excellent at delivering the functionality we needed so we could sell our meals the way we want to.

Ben Librach, Owner, FlavaDaddy

The Brief

FlavaDaddy provides awesome, convenient meals to make life easier for our customers. FlavaDaddy cuts the cooking out of their clients schedules so that they can spend more time doing the things they love. Because of the awesome meals they were making for themselves, people started asking them to make them for them.  And they said yes.  They had a small business, but decided they needed to get serious about it and grow their business.  They needed a website.

The Approach

FlavaDaddy wanted a website that would reflect their personal style.  They also wanted a website that would enable them to have subscriptions and one time orders.  The meals needed to be able to be able to be customized to meet what their customers wanted. FlavaDaddy selected The Story because the wanted to partner with a company who could give them the brand look and feel and a company that had experience working with prepared meal plan companies.

The Results

FlavaDaddy got a unique design that they love.  And they got a powerful system that enables them to scale their business. In addition to standard things, like gift cards, refer a friend, discount codes, abandon cart email, multiple delivery zones, FlavaDaddy has a number of additional functions that most meal prep and prepared meal delivery companies do not have:

  • Both Subscription and One time order
  • Custom options on individual products and orders
  • Built for scale, with extensive reporting and functionality that makes it easy to work with large volumes
  • Able to manually add additional products to an existing product order
  • Able to change delivery type/time without reentering the order
  • Unique, custom design that provides a distinctive brand

Services Provided Include:

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