G. Wayne Brodland

G. Wayne Brodland

The Story made it easy to help me to create a vision for my website and bring it to life.

WAYNE BRODLAND, Professor Emeritus, UWO

The Brief

Wayne Brodland is a retired professor of Engineering from the University of Waterloo.  During his time there he created some unique material that he wanted to share to the academic community.  He also created a lot of videos that explain engineering concepts in a simple way that he wanted to make sure he could share with others.  (I think some of these videos can be used by elementary, high school and college/university)

Professor Brodland had an old site that wasn’t mobile friendly.  Initially, he only wanted the website to be mobile friendly.  After some discussion though, he decided to go with a full redesign.

The Approach

The Story discussed options for menuing and the home page design to make it easy for a new visitor to find the various resources that Professor Brodland’s website offers.  He agreed to the concepts.

The Story provided two unique concepts for professor Brodland to choose from.  The Story then continued to design the rest of the website.  There was some feedback given, which was incorporated.  The site was then developed and then given to the University of Waterloo website team to upload to their server.

The Results

Professor Brodland was very pleased with the results.  In particular, when the site was in draft development, he was able to see how big a difference a professionally developed website made, not just in the look, but how the visitors experienced and used his website.  He was very pleased he decided for a full redesign of the website.

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