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The Brief

Tom Grajek has been practicing law for over 25 years. Tom is a highly experienced courtroom lawyer that is passionate about continual learning to help him be more knowledgeable about being a highly successful attorney.

Tom is one of only four attorneys in Florida to attain the designation of Lawyer-Scientist as recognized by the American chemical society and the ABA .

Tom has a highly competitive spirit that drives him to fight for his clients. Tom knows that he is the last line of defense for his clients and he is driven to fight for them.

The Approach

The Story Web Design & Marketing was recommended to Tom by his SEO company to provide a professionally designed website.

The Story started with an in-depth understanding of what he needed.  They wrote the copy based on their educated understanding of his firm.   Tom got the look I wanted, and The Story kept regular contact to make sure the project moved forward to completion.

The Story worked in tandem with his SEO firm to ensure that SEO objectives were aligned.

The Story provided project management with weekly touchpoints.  We took the time to make sure that milestones and deliverables were understood so we could complete the project in a timely manner.

The Results

The Story provided a new website that he’s very pleased with.  It works well on desktop and smartphones and it presents his firm in an easy to understand way.

Services Provided Include:

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