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Kingsview Church Website Redesign


The Brief

Kingsview had a website that had been around for many years.  It had provided good service as a website for the church, but it’s look was very dated and there was very little imagery.  It was time for a new website that reflected who Kingsview was and was simpler and easier for people to navigate.

Kingsview Free Methodist Church is a community church in the North East part of Toronto.  Kingsview is nn inter-cultural and inter-generational church serving the Kingsview Village-Westway neighbourhood of Toronto and beyond.

The Need

Kingsview needed a website that was professionally designed in how it navigated and looked. They wanted a website that incorporated lots of pictures and Kingsview wanted to make sure that the website was inviting for people looking for a church and easy for regular attendees to find the most important things, like schedule and sermon recordings.

The Experience

Pastor Darrin said, “We have experienced The Story being much more than a web design company and really helping us with the brand of our church.”

The Results

The leadership team had lots of good things to say, including:

It was great that we had someone who came to our church, who found us on the web and they really liked what they saw when they came to our website.  They said, I knew I was in the right place because of the website.

We believe that we are a more effective church for attracting new people, because the primary way that people find Kingsview is on the web and them visiting our website.

We believe that we now have a good looking website that reflects who we are. With the new look of the website, we are really excited to share it with others.

We’ve received some really good feedback from their congregation, including:

  • “The website looks fascinating”
  • “I like how the website reflects our diversity”
  • “It’s professionally designed”
  • “The website is really easy to navigate”

Services Provided Include:

“When we started working with Kingsview, we were looking for a company that would help us get a new website, however, The Story provided more than this for us.  They helped us with our brand, with a new logo that our church is excited about and the everything else, like our colours, the business cards and letter head.

We have experienced The Story being much more than a web design company and really helping us with the brand of our church.”

Pastor Darrin Lindsay
Kingsview Free Methodist Church

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