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The Brief

Protein Chefs provides gourmet food delivery, with a specialty of working with athletes.  They needed a website that really showcased their meals much better than the website that they had.  Their website was too slow and it did not work well on mobile phones.  Additionally their website was developed on two different Content Management Systems.  They needed the ecommerce and the content portions on the same CMS, for ease in management and to help better position themselves with Google for Search Engine Rankings.

Our Approach

The Story took the new photographs that they had taken of their food/meals that they provide and designed a custom look for their company.  The design was laid out to make it easy for clients to understand who they are and to make it easy to purchase meal plans or individual dishes.

The Story developed the website in WordPress and utilized Woocommerce to ensure that all of the website was in one Content Management System.

Protein Chefs gave significant input throughout as the new website was the launching point for a new line of meal plans that they are now providing.

The Story provided Protein Chefs with training and support materials, as well as coaching to enable Protein Chefs to make changes to the website themselves.

The Result

Protein Chefs loved the design and how it incorporated photos of their food throughout the website.

Protein Chefs really appreciated how the new setup for eCommerce allowed for more options to be used for the food.

Services Provided Include:

Protein Chefs Food Delivery
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Protein Chefs Food Delivery


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