The Brief had a very outdated website.  They wanted to make sure that their website represented  the professionalism of their company. also had an extensive BLOG which needed to be imported appropriately to the website so as keep the quality content available for site visitors and keep their SEO rankings with Google.

Our Approach

The Story Web Design & Marketing designed a world class website that aligned with the client’s vision for the website.  This included a whole new branding strategy, including a new logo and resource materials.

The Story worked extensively with the backend of the website, to ensure that the 4 previous websites that were used, were all integrated into one seamless website.  All changes of URLs were redirected, to ensure that links would continue to work and keep Google happy.

With a busy schedule, had lots of new ideas for articles for their BLOG, but no time to do it all.  The Story provided the writing resource to help get it all done and get it published.

The Result

The new website was a real selling feature for large new clients for  The image that was projected was a part of attracting new large clients.

SalesForce Training was able to keep their BLOG current by making use of travel time for giving inspiration and direction to The Story on the articles that needed to be written.

Provided full Website Redesign and Conversion Rate Optimization, including:


“My website continues to generate high quality leads regularly. The design concepts that The Story provided me with blew me away and were much better than I’d imagined. The colors and graphics they used absolutely represented how I felt about my brand.”

Mark Christie, President
Salesforce Training

Working with Trevor was tremendous. In addition to understanding the technical side of web development, Trevor is very adept at communicating with his clients to ensure that both parties understand the visual concepts, back and front-end functionality and overall timeline for the site’s development. When he first revealed my page layouts to me I was blown away. It was much better than I had imagined, and used colours and graphics that I absolutely represented how I feel about my brand.

I am continuing to work with Trevor on the site, to enhance the traffic and conversion rates. All in all it has been a great experience. I would highly recommend.

MARK CHRISTIE, Sales Force Training

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