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Expert Responsive Web Design Craftsmanship

Our team of experts will create an awesome looking website, built to achieve your business objectives.

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Mobile Website Design

Your website design has to work well on desktops and mobile phones. We are responsive design experts. Our Kitchener, Ontario based team provides the right design and development so that your website works well – and passes the Google Mobile test too. The Story can make an awesome website for you, we are focused on:

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Mobile Dedicated Design

Custom Web Design

Our seasoned team of graphic designers will create a unique look for your website for you. It will be custom developed. No two websites look the same.

  • Your unique Website Design
  • You provide the direction for the design
  • You own the design and the website

Ecommerce Web Design

The Story will work with you to understand your requirements, your selling process, and how your clients buy. We will provide you with the custom developed platform and training that meets your business goals.

  • Woocommerce Developers
  • Shopify Developers

Responsive Design and Your Success

A responsive website, adjusts itself automatically, to optimize itself for a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Today more searches and more web traffic happens on mobile devices than on desktops.

Responsive is a big deal for Google

And Google ranks your website, first based on how well it works on a mobile device – then on a desktop. It’s essential that your website has a responsive design – enabling any user on any device to easily view your website.

Award Winning Web Designs

Our websites are custom designed by professional designers.  And they win awards.  The quality of your website tells a story about your company.  If it doesn’t look good, it tells a story.  If it’s professionally designed, it tells another story.  You want your website to convey the professionalism of your company, inspiring confidence in visitors to your website.
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Vertical Markets

Technology Firms Icon

Technology: Software Developers, Hardware Manufacturers, Technology Resellers, Technology Service Providers

Non Profit Organizations Icon

Non-Profit: International Charities, Churches, Sports Clubs, Associations, Cultural Charities

Manufacturing Sector Icon

Manufacturing: Manufacturers of any type of product selling direct or indirect, B2B or B2C

Professionals Icon

Professionals: Law Firms, Accountants, Investment Advisers, Mortgage Agents, Engineers, Architects

More Verticals Icon

Digital Marketers:  Graphic Designers, Developers, Social Media Marketers, Digital Marketing Agencies

Medical Professionals Icon

Medical: Health Care Organizations, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Therapists

Digital Marketing Agency

We Build Awesome Websites and Provide Results Driven Digital Marketing.  We communicate in business speak, not geek speak, to our clients.

Our customers are business people who have business needs.  That want to understand enough to make a great business decision about how to use the internet to grow their business.  They need a trusted adviser and service that can provide digital marketing services to them.

Whether they need a website redesigned for a more professional look, search engine optimization to drive traffic to their site or they have strategic business goals they want to achieve, The Story is here to help.

We work with our clients to understand their unique requirements and business needs and we help you to achieve them.


“Working with Trevor on my website was an absolute pleasure. He was quick with ideas, eager to lend his technical expertise, and readily available to answer questions or brainstorm on innovative designs. I highly recommend The Story Web Design & Marketing.”

Cindy Waxer,
Freelance Journalist and Editor

“Working with Trevor was tremendous. When he first revealed my page layouts to me I was blown away. It was much better than I had imagined, and used colours and graphics that I absolutely represented how I feel about my brand.I am continuing to work with Trevor on the site, to enhance the traffic and conversion rates. I highly recommend.”

Mark Christie,
Owner, Salesforce Training

Web Design and Digital Marketing Strategists