How to Guide for Launching a Website

Successful Web Content

Successful website content accomplishes 3 things:

  • Attracting people to your website.
  • Getting people Engaged, reading your website,
  • Taking Action

Without action, your website will fall short of the success you need.

Success is Action

You want people to take an action that will get them to buy or lead them to buy (i.e. asking for a quote or requesting a whitepaper).


You can attract people to your website through a variety of methods, including

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Traditional advertising

Social Media, PPC, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are all great ways to get people to come to your website.  But don’t forget about some of the more traditional methods of advertising your website.


If people just visit your website, they need to read your website or watch a video for a while.  You don’t want them just coming to your website and then leaving.  You want them to get engaged. You need to get people engaged with content that’s relevant to them.  Your content needs to:

  • Address their needs
  • Provide an understanding of the impact of your product or service
  • Prove that your product or service can do what you say it can do

When you have got them properly engaged, you can lead them to Act.


An action is anything that leads to a purchase.  You need to make it easy for them to decide to take action and have a process that’s easy to do. Your success in your website depends on being able to lead people to act.  It takes careful thought to create the content needed to get people to your website, and to get them to read enough so that they will buy.  Take the time to create good content or get a professional to help you.  You can contact 647-723-7046 for assistance.

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