Clutch top web designers of 2018

The Story Featured as a Top Web Designer on Clutch & Visual Objects

As the internet has evolved, making a website has become so simple that almost anyone can do it. These cookie cutter sites look good, but lack originality, and are missing many of the features and the level of control that a business needs. That’s why The Story takes the time to get to know your company and its needs before we get to work. We make award winning sites, using our SEO expertise to get people to visit, and eye-catching, original design to get them to stay.

As a company committed to great design, we are proud to announce that we are featured on Clutch’s new sister site, Visual Objects, as a top web designer. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that provides market research and in-depth client reviews to give buyers the information they need to choose the right service provider. Visual Objects is committed to the same level of deep research, but is focused around designers and creative agencies. The site features easy to access portfolios on each company, allowing visitors to see, at a glance, the kind of work that we do.

The Story has already been featured on Clutch as one of the top web design agencies in Canada & Cleveland. They featured us for our ability to consistently deliver an excellent product, as well as our nine five-star reviews from past clients. We are proud to be recognized for our outstanding work, and our inclusion on both Clutch and Visual Objects is a testament to the ongoing quality of the product we deliver to the companies we work with.

One of the things that sets Clutch and Visual Objects apart is the way that the collect their client reviews. Clutch calls the clients of each firm they rank and perform in-depth phone interviews, getting honest information about everything from the cost of a project to the quality of communication during the collaboration. These reviews can all be seen on our Clutch page, but we wanted to show off a few of our favorite quotes:

“I really value The Story’s contributions to shaping our message. They were fun to work with and we developed an excellent rapport.”

“They took the time to get to know us as a client, as well as what we want, and deliver a very good end-product at a very reasonable price. “

“The Story was professional and customer service oriented. They communicated effectively and helped us to understand what we needed to rebrand.”

Our work is always focused on our clients. Creating a brand is a new challenge, everytime, and finding what makes your company unique is always the first step. We’re humbled to see how much our clients appreciate our personalized approach and we’re excited to keep working with you.



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