Manifest Recognizes The Story Most Reviewed Strategy Agency

The Web Design Story as One of the Most-Reviewed Marketing Strategy Agencies

Here at The Story, we help SMEs gain access to a better digital presence through creative, innovative web development. We deliver high-quality products that effectively tell our partners’ stories. We’re driven by our passion for crafting memorable experiences that put the users at the core of their purpose. We believe that with results-driven strategies, we’re able to lead organizations toward their desired outcomes.

Today, we’re delighted to share that we’re featured on The Manifest as a leading vendor. The company-listing platform recognized us as one of the most-reviewed marketing strategy agencies in Toronto.

 “We love working with our clients to create the identify the strategies that will help them to achieve their business objectives. We are honored to be recognized for the work we do.”

— CEO, The Story

For over ten years, we’ve been a go-to partner to small and medium-sized businesses in creating superior web solutions. Our mission has since been to be the catalyst for our clientele’s success through remarkable service. This award serves as a testament to our hard work in fulfilling our purpose.

Eddy Solutions is a water monitoring company that engaged with us in June 2021. The client brought us in for a wide variety of services, including web development, web design, and animation. The client wanted a fresh, exciting look to keep their brand as a leading technology vendor. With our help, Eddy Solutions saw a 10% increase in page views and average user time on the website.

“The Story impressed us with how quickly they could get things done. Fantastic turnaround times and achieving deadlines.”

— Dimitri Shabalov, Marketing Specialist, Eddy Solutions

Read through the latest list on The Manifest to discover more about our noteworthy projects.

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