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Award Winning Website Designs

At The Story, we love to create custom crafted websites for our clients that win awards because they look great.  We think our web design portfolio shows it.

We have submitted a small number of our web designs for consideration for awards.  Every website we’ve entered for an award has won!

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Mobile First Design

In 2018, The Story is now developing mobile first.  This means that when we design your new website, it is first, with mobile in mind.  More and more, most have more than 50% of their viewing done via mobile.  We know that it’s important that your website doesn’t just work on mobile, but that it is optimized for a mobile viewing experience.
WordPress Web Development
Most of the websites of our clients are developed in WordPress.  Our development work is technologically advanced and visually compelling.

We develop websites for our clients to be fast loading, to help with user experience and search engine optimization.

Responsive Designs

The Story creates beautiful, responsive websites.  Our websites are developed to be not just mobile friendly, but to be mobile optimized, adjusting to the screen size and displaying the website in an optimal way.

Find out more about How We Will Create Your Website, We can provide you with two unique home page concepts.  Additionally, we can provide you with a satisfaction guarantee.

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Web Designs that Impact Business Results

More important than web design awards, is what our customers think of their websites and how it helps their business.  For example, one of our corporate clients had a bounce rate over 65% with their old website (this means that people would come to their website and immediately leave).  With the new website design we created for them, the bounce rate was reduced to under 2%.

More Than Attractive

The Story creates websites that are more than attractive.  We design websites that engage and persuade visitors to take action.

The Story will work with you to understand your business requirements.  We then work to understand your target market and how your company can help them to address their needs wants and desires.

Web Design Portfolio
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“I found The Story to be focused on producing a high quality, professional site for me. There were many touch points and time spent to understand my needs and achieve the desired end result. They were very helpful in helping me to understand what options were available. In many cases, they were able to take my ideas and show how they would look.”
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LORETTA WHITE, Founder, The Coaching Edge


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