Featured Web Design Project Protein Chefs

Feature Web Design Project: Protein Chefs

The Story loves to work with scrumptious photography in order to craft an awesome web design.  Protein Chefs allowed us to do just that.

Protein Chefs is a company that provides gourmet healthy meals, delivered to your doorstep.  They focus on chef prepared meals for athletes and people who want healthy food.

What did they need?

Protein Chefs needed a new website that was full of mouth watering images.  They were launching a new product line, so it was an ideal time for them to get a new website developed.

Protein Chefs wanted a better eCommerce platform that allowed their existing and new clients to easily purchase online.  And their old design just wasn’t that that attractive and as easy to use as they wanted.

Their old website was built using two different Content Management Systems (Joomla and WordPress)– and that made it difficult to manage.  And it hurt their SEO rankings too.

Their old website was very slow.  A slow website is known to have a negative impact on how people use a website and how long.  Poor website speed also has a negative impact on SEO rankings.

Their old website didn’t function well on mobile devices and the new website had to be mobile friendly.

What website was built?

The Story crafted a very attractive new website that showcases the tempting images of their meals. And eCommerce system was built so that clients can make purchases online, without Protein Chefs needing to talk to every single client – they are busy creating awesome food.

The website that The Story built for them was built in WordPress.  Although the owner isn’t a programmer and doesn’t make changes very often, he is able to make many of the changes to the website himself.  And of course, The Story is always available for anything that he is not comfortable doing himself.

What Else?

At this time, Protein Chefs Deliver’s to your door if you are in Toronto or the GTA.  But rumour has it they are launching a new delivery service soon for those in the who are beyond the GTA.

If you want to see and order some gourmet meals that can be delivered to your doorstep, check out Protein Chefs today.

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