Web Design Secrets for Helping Visitors Buy Easy as 123

Web Design Secrets: Helping Visitors Buy

If you want to increase how much business your website is generating, you need to help your client understand how easy it is to buy from you.  Learn the powerful web design secret of outlining a simple buying process to incorporate in your website design.

Everyone is Too Busy

Everyone is busy.  And they don’t want to do something that’s going to take a lot of time – even things that they want or need.  Your job is to help them understand that your company is organized and built to make their buying process easy and it won’t take too much of their time.

Don’t Assume They Get It

Some companies that don’t outline their buying process, think that people will be able to intuitively understand how easy it is to buy from them.

The 1-2-3 Method

Buying from you should be as simple as 1-2-3 (or in some cases 1-2-3-4).  Ideally a three-step process will let people know the things that they have to do and the return that they can get out of it.  It might look something like:

Step 1: Do This Activity
Step 2: Do That Activity
Step 3: Get this Benefit

For example:

Buying a Car: 1. Find Your Car; 2. See Your Options; 3. Make Your Decision (https://www.carmax.com/)

Get a New Website: 1. Create a Road Map for Your Goals; 2. Select What’s Best for Your Business; 3. Watch Your Business Grow (https://thestorywebs.com/)

Reaching Your Customer on Multiple Levels

When you put your buying process in three easy steps, it helps your prospective customers in the following ways:

  • They can visualize making the purchase of your product or service
  • They can understand how easy it to buy it
  • They realize that you have a system for buying your product or service
  • They believe that your business is professionally organized

Do’s and Don’ts

DON’T make a 10 step process.  Ideally keep the number of process you have to 3 or maybe 4 steps.  If you have to go longer to 5 or 6 steps, first determine if there’s any way to reduce the steps to more simply communicate your process.  If you’ve determined you must have more than 4 steps, make sure you get a quality graphic designer who will make sure that your multi-step process is visually engaging and flows well.

DO use a graphic design that makes it easy to digest.  You may want to design your process so that each step has an icon, with a short title underneath it.  And below the title is a short sentence or paragraph.  You may even want to have 1, 2, 3 as your icons.

DON’T have 5 paragraphs explaining each step.  Keep it short.  If it’s long, it makes it look complicated and takes away from the simplicity you are trying to convey.

DO have a call to action.  Make sure you have a call to action after your simple steps.  Give the opportunity for them to buy, contact, get started, etc.

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