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Web Page Content Built to Convert

Web Page Content Built to Convert

Most companies know that creating a website is easy. But creating a website that gets people to do something is hard.

There are certain key pages on any website that should be driving visitors to take some sort of action, whether it be making a purchase, inquiring about a service, completing a contact form, signing up for an offer, etc. Key pages would normally include your home page and select product or service pages.

This guide will help you compile the right content for your key website pages.

Primary Customer Issue/Need/Desire

Think about how your product or service can help your prospective customer. What need to they want fulfilled?  What problem do they want fixed?  What do they want to feel?  What feeling do they want to avoid? What is your customer’s primary issue/need/desire?  How does your product or service resolve their issue, meet their need or fulfill their desire?

Your Offer

Describe in detail exactly what you are offering.

  • How does it resolve their issue?
  • How does it meet their need?
  • What do you offer that your competitors don’t?

Offer Follow-up

Communicate what’s going to happen after people accept your offer. If they purchase your product then provide them with shipping and customer service information.  If they fill out a form or call to request information, then tell them how/when they can expect a reply. If they sign up for a mailing list then send information regarding their subscription.

About You

Who are you? Explain who your company is in two sentences.  Two sentences about your company.

Give a brief explanation about why you are qualified to offer your product or service. You may want to consider including:

  • Years of experience
  • Partnerships
  • Certifications
  • Awards
  • Key Staff


Your prospective customer wants to know that you can deliver what you say you can. They want to be convinced with proof.  There are lots of ways to provide proof:

  • Customer testimonials (or endorsements from key influencers)
  • Logos of companies using your product or service
  • Association memberships, certificates and awards

Good testimonials demonstrate the transformation that your product or service has provided the company. Using names, titles and photos increases credibility.


Other Considerations

Simple Sale or Complex sale

How many people will be involved in the buying process? Is one person responsible for the purchase?  Or is the sale more complex involving several people with different corporate responsibilities?  If you have a complex buying process, you may want to consider targeting your website towards the evaluator since they will be the one gathering information.


If you are using a fill in form for your call to action, insure that your heading on your and the call to action button are related.

Use a form for a call to action. Name the headline of the form and the call to action button.  They should be related.

Your Goal

Where possible, have one clear goal. Minimize links (internal and external) as links can be distractions and keep people from deciding to move forward with your call to action.


Your website content needs to be easy to scan and understand without having to read every section all the way through. Make sure to use short headlines, sentences and paragraphs.

Simple Design

Your website must be simple. Too many images is distracting and makes it less scannable.

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