Professional Websites, Business Focused Results

Uniquely Designed, Business Focused Websites

Expert Designers and Developers
Our Kitchener Digital Marketing team will create a unique design to fit your business requirements. And it will look awesome too.

Custom Web Design and Development

Design & Development

Our team of experts will work together to deliver the web design and digital marketing solution to fit your needs.

Awesome Websites

Your web design must look fantastic. We deliver award winning design that provides a professional appeal for your brand.

Mobile Web Design

With Responsive and mobile dedicated designs, your website is mobile friendly and can be easily viewed on all devices.

Responsive Design, Custom Built

When we build a website for you, it is designed and developed to work on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. All of our websites are either responsive or they have a mobile dedicated design. With The Story, your mobile users get the right experience with your website.

Mobile Friendly for Google

One of the primary factors for Google ranking your website is mobile friendliness. If your website doesn’t work well on a mobile device, it will impact your rankings. It’s essential that your website has a responsive design – enabling any user on any device to easily view your website.

ECommerce Web Design Services

Web Design & Development

Custom Websites Designed in WordPress, Shopify, HTML, Woocommerce, MS Orchard

Digital Marketing Consulting

We can help you understand how to be successful online

Vertical Markets

We are focused on helping a host of small businesses succeed online

E Commerce

Our team will help you implement strategies for more online sales.

Mobile Websites and Apps

Native applications (iPhone & Android), API back-end, Cloud storage

Hosting and Security

Ensure your website design is setup right, maintained and secure


The Story has won many awards for our work in custom website design. We believe that the quality of your website tells a story about your company. If it doesn’t look good, it tells a negative story about your company. Our custom designs ensure that your company’s reputation and brand is better positioned with an awesome design.

Vertical Markets

Professionals: Law Firms, Accountants, Investment Advisers, Mortgage Agents, Engineers, Architects
Technology: Software Developers, Hardware Manufacturers, Technology Resellers, Technology Service Providers

Non-Profit: International Charities, Churches, Sports Clubs, Associations, Cultural Charities

Medical: Health Care Organizations, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Therapists

Manufacturing: Manufacturers of any type of product selling direct or indirect, B2B or B2C

Ecommerce: Companies selling products and services online where they are taking order online

Digital Marketing Agency

A Marketing Centered Web Design & Marketing Company
  • We deliver the business results that our clients need for their success.
  • The Story will work with you to understand your requirements and target markets. We will provide you recommendations – in business language – to help you make the best decisions for your business. We will walk you through each step so you can understand each element and how it can impact your bottom line.
  • We are business people focused on helping business people.
  • We work with mid sized businesses and small business too. Each has their own set of requirements. We have vertical market experience too in many different markets.

Responsive Design and Your Success

A responsive website, adjusts itself automatically, to optimize itself for a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Today more searches and more web traffic happens on mobile devices than on desktops.

Responsive is a big deal for Google

And Google ranks your website, first based on how well it works on a mobile device – then on a desktop. It’s essential that your website has a responsive design – enabling any user on any device to easily view your website.


“Trevor has provided me with a breath of fresh air. Dealing in the past with a previous web-designer, marketer was an experience from hell.

Trevor brings a marketing perspective to the design of your website. He has brings excellent technical skills to make it happen.

I was extremely impressed with the work that he did for DRJ & Associate Limited and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional approach to marketing their business.”


Owner, DRJ & Associates

Custom Web Design & Development Specialists