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Design and Development for Smartphones
Our team of designers and developers will provide you with the mobile design that engages your target audience.

Mobile Website Design

If your clients are using your website primarily on a mobile phone, you may need to get a mobile dedicated design.  This is not a responsive design (a desktop design that auto reconfigures itself for a mobile device).  Mobile dedicated designs are made specifically with mobile users in order to help companies:

  • Increase mobile engagement
  • Increase mobile leads and sales

Responsive Web Design

All website have to be mobile friendly.  Not all websites need a mobile dedicated design.  For many websites, a responsive design is sufficient, not only to be mobile friendly, but to provide the interface that most websites need

  • A website look, unique to you
  • Input and feedback providing the design you want
  • A professional website design that you own

Ecommerce Web Design

The Story will work with you to understand your requirements, your selling process, and how your clients buy.  We will provide you with the custom developed platform and training that meets your business goals.

  • Woocommerce Developers
  • Shopify Developers

ECommerce Web Design Services

Web Design & Development

WordPress, Shopify, HTML, Woocommerce, MS Orchard

Digital Marketing Consulting

We can help you understand how to be successful online

Vertical Markets

We are focused on helping a host of small businesses succeed online

E Commerce

Our team will help you implement strategies for more online sales.

Mobile Websites and Apps

Native applications (iPhone & Android), API back-end, Cloud storage

Hosting and Security

Ensure your website design is setup right, maintained and secure


Our websites are custom designed by professional Kitchener, Ontario graphic designers. And they win awards. The quality of your website tells a story about your company. If it doesn’t look good, it tells a story. If it’s professionally designed, it tells another story. You want your website to convey the professionalism of your company, inspiring confidence for people to buy from you.

Responsive Design and Your Success

A responsive website, adjusts itself automatically, to optimize itself for a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Today more searches and more web traffic happens on mobile devices than on desktops.

Responsive is a big deal for Google

And Google ranks your website, first based on how well it works on a mobile device – then on a desktop. It’s essential that your website has a responsive design – enabling any user on any device to easily view your website.


“Working with Trevor was tremendous. When he first revealed my page layouts to me I was blown away. It was much better than I had imagined, and used colours and graphics that I absolutely represented how I feel about my brand. I am continuing to work with Trevor on the site, to enhance the traffic and conversion rates. I highly recommend.”


Owner, Salesforce Training

“Working with Trevor on my website was an absolute pleasure. He was quick with ideas, eager to lend his technical expertise, and readily available to answer questions or brainstorm teon innovative designs. I highly recommend The Story Web Design & Marketing.”


Freelance Journalist and Editor

Web Design and Digital Marketing Strategists