Feature Web Design Project – Lori’s Lending

Lori’s Lending provides small businesses with financing.  For most small businesses, they don’t have access to cash quickly, when they need it.  Lori helps companies solve their cash crunch with the right type of financing that fits their needs.

It’s very important for the brand of Lori’s Lending to show who they are.  A personable organization that is professional.  Lori’s Lending needed a branding work, a new website and professional copywriiting to pull everything together.

It was decided that a website designed around a caricature of Lori could display a fun, professional, and friendly image of the company, that would be unique – and a differentiator for Lori in her industry.

There was significant thought around the application process, to make sure everything was right and it integrated with her CRM and was easy to use for everyone.

You can check out more detail on the web design of Lori’s Lending in our portfolio.

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