How to get better rankings on google

How to Get Better Rankings on Google?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process of affecting your visibility in a search engine’s search results (see expanded definition on Wikipedia). Getting ranked highly on Search Engines like Google, isn’t easy, but it is possible for many companies to do.

Background of Rankings

Search engines (like Google) know that if you find what you are looking for, using their site, that you will come back and use their site, again and again. Search Engines make money when you click on paid advertisements. So their job is to provide the best results possible, so you will come back again and again, and sometimes, you will click on paid advertisements, and they will make money.

It’s a challenge for search engines to rank websites. People are always trying to fool search engines into thinking that they have the best content and need to be ranked high. The most popular search engine is Google, with about 70% of the search market. They are always

SEO Ranking Factors

Here are some of the factors that positively influence Google to increase your rankings (increase your SEO):

Structurally Sound Website (with information easily visible to Google): This is something you want to make sure that your web designer does. Of particular importance are the Meta Descriptions (short descriptions seen on Google when you do a search)

Quantity and Quality Links pointed to your site: When other websites and social media are pointing to your site, it is often a great indication of your website’s value. However, if they are considered bad links, they can lower your ranking. More on this in “What’s Negative SEO and is it Hurting My Site’s Rankings?”

Quantity and Quality of Outbound Links: It’s also helpful to have links pointing from your website to other sites related to your content.

Keywords: The key words that you use in your document helps search engines to categorize and rank you.

Reviews: Are people writing reviews on your company? More reviews mean a higher ranking with Google.

Quality of content: Your written content is ranked for language readability and other factors.  So in other words – write good content, not crappy content for the sake of having content.

Frequency of Content being added to your Website:  Google looks at how often you are adding new content to your website.  Regularly adding content (such as once a week or once a month).

Location: How close your company is to your prospect can have an impact. Make sure that you are listed with Google Places and Bing Places.

Age of your website:  How old your site is, has an impact on your ranking.  Older sites have a slight advantage over newer ones.

The above are not all of the factors, but these are recognized as the most important factors impacting your search engine rankings. Check out more resources on this website, checkout these helpful post from copyproblogger and omologist, or contact us for a free initial consultation.

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