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What’s a CDN Do I Need One?

A Content Distributed Network (CDN) is a network of servers around the world that help to make your website faster.

You should consider a CDN if:

  • You are concerned about the speed of your network across the continent or world
  • You have a high demand website
  • You are concerned about website security and availability

Just to clarify, a CDN doesn’t replace your website host provider. It simply ensures that your website is part of a distributed network holding a copy of your website.  This means your content is closer to remote audiences which help your website perform faster.

Why a CDN is important?

Normally, a user would access your site through a website host provider like GoDaddy, Bluehost and Liquidweb. When you have a CDN, the static content on your website is distributed to a worldwide network.  This means when users access your website, they are accessing it through the CDN.  There are two important benefits to this:

  • Users access your website from the server closest to them – saving time and speeding up your server
  • If your website has a lot of traffic, it reduces the load on your server – increasing speed and reliability

Here are the reasons people typically get a basic CDN

Speed – increases the performance of your website

Crash Resistant – prevents the host from being overloaded, particularly for high traffic websites

Better User Experience – provides a faster website which increases page views, decreases bounce rates, etc.

Improved SEO – improves your Google rankings. If you increase your website’s speed, Google considers this an improved User Experience and it will positively impact your rankings

Can a CDN help Security?

A CDN protects your website from theft and loss and fends off attacks that can harm performance. For advanced websites, there are CDNs that can provide specialized features to prevent downtime from attacks.  Some even have a 100% uptime guarantee.

What does a CDN Cost?

The cost for a basic website is around $20 per month. A sophisticated high demand website will likely cost $200+ per month.

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Your host provider or website designer can assist you in determining if a CDN will benefit you and they can help select the right CDN for you and your business. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. And we provide World Class Web Design.

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