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Making Freakin' Awesome Websites

Exceptional Custom Web Design for Business Impact

Exceptional Custom Web Design for Business Impact

Aligning with the mission of creating Freakin’ Awesome Websites, The Story excels in crafting custom website designs that are visually stunning websites and make a tangible impact on your business. 

Our approach is uniquely tailored to each client, ensuring that every website we design not only elevates brand presence but also effectively meets specific business objectives, be it in lead generation, sales enhancement, or brand awareness.

Prioritizing User Experience for Optimal Results

Our web design service goes beyond aesthetic appeal, focusing on creating user-centric websites. The hallmark of our service is in designing websites that are not only engaging but also intuitive and straightforward in navigation, making the user’s journey seamless and conducive to business engagement. 

By emphasizing user experience, we ensure that every aspect of the website, from content layout to interactive elements, works towards achieving your business goals.

Prioritizing User Experience for Optimal Results

Key Features of Our Web Design Service

In creating a Freakin’ Awesome Website, we ensure it features:

Our Web Design Expertise

At The Story, we pride ourselves aon a comprehensive web design service that offers more than just a visually pleasing website. We focus on:

Mobile Design

Mobile Design

Ensuring top performance on mobile devices.

WordPress Web Design icon

WordPress Web Design

Harnessing the power of WordPress for its SEO and content management capabilities.

Responsive Design icon

Responsive Design

Guaranteeing a consistent and fluid experience across all device types.

Why Choose The Story for Your Web Design Needs

Choosing The Story means selecting a partner committed to understanding and achieving your business goals. Our team of experts not only designs visually stunning websites but also ensures they are optimized for both desktop and mobile, providing an engaging, user-friendly experience. 

We go beyond design and development, offering ongoing support to keep your website up-to-date and effective in meeting your evolving business needs.

Testimonials What Our Clients Are Saying

We love our website. The Story delivered on what they said they would, both in the time frame we needed and at the price we agreed to – with no surprises. They continue to provide excellent support after the launch.

Michael LaPorte

General Manager,
Clearview Nursery

“Ensuring that your website looks & functions well on various”

Wayne Brodland

Professor Emeritus,
University of Waterloo

The design and development work is excellent.  It delivered on my vision.  It’s clean and pleasing to the eye.

Dave Mason

300 Cybersecurity

“Ensuring that your website looks & functions well on various”

Nikki May

Social Media & Marketing Director,
Babysitting Connection

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We Love Making Remarkable Websites

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How We Work

Bringing Out the Freakin' Awesome for You

Our approach to web design is both strategic and collaborative. Here’s how we bring your vision to life:

Website Design

Website Design

Engagement and user experience strategy provides the foundation of our website designs that deliver enhanced UX/UI and consistent browsing experience on every device.

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We meticulously craft the written text for your website that is designed to grab the visitor’s attention, engage the reader and convert the buyer.

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Leveraging our expertise the spectrum of digital marketing disciplines, we work with you to ensure that your website aligns with your business goals.

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Utilizing WooCommmerce, our design and development expertise offers unique capabilities for our clients’ eCommerce website solution needs.

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We can create an awesome logo, website and associated visual assets.  We can also enable your company’s brand to stand out in your competitive market.

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Web Development

Web Development

Our developers take your tailor-made web design and develop it to exacting standards, including any unique customizations, animations or other custom functions you need for your business.

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WordPress Design

WordPress Design

Fully customized WordPress website design and development that harnesses the full potential of the world’s leading CMS, so you can supercharge your digital marketing efforts.

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Unique Designs for Exceptional Brands

Our custom web design service is all about creating a unique digital presence tailored to your brand. Our process includes:

  • Utilizing both stock and client-provided imagery
  • Crafting a design aligned with your brand identity
  • Incorporating animations for an added wow factor We believe in designing a website that not only looks great but also resonates with the uniqueness of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a new website, with The Story Web Design & Marketing, it starts with a discover so that we can your requirements and business goals. We will then review a proposed solution with you to ensure what we are proposing aligns with your needs.

When you decide to move forward with us, the process will start with a kickoff meeting, followed by weekly meetings until your project is finished. It could take 2 weeks or 20 weeks depending on a variety of factors.

If you need us to create a new logo or if you need copywriting (the text for your website) done, it starts at the kickoff meeting. Once we have your logo and vision for your website, we start creating the plan to design and develop your website.

  • In our initial design phase, we create multiple concepts and you choose the design you like best.
  • We then continue to design the rest of the pages for your website.
    Then we develop the website for you and ensure it is mobile optimized.
  • Your website is tested to ensure it works properly across platforms, browsers and screen sizes.

The time to create a website various significantly between different projects. Our projects typically take from two to fifteen weeks to complete.

The steps for creating a website include defining the project, crafting designs, developing the site, testing, and launching. Depending on the requirement, there may be additional steps as well. Each phase, while differing in complexity, requires attention to detail and time investment.

In the initial weeks, we primarily focus on understanding our client’s vision, competitors, target audience, and the website’s intended functionality. With that foundation, we commence the design phase, often consuming two to three weeks, to craft aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interfaces. Thereafter, actual website development begins, translating the designs into functional pages. This stage might last anywhere from two to five weeks.

The final stages include rigorous testing for bugs, performance issues, or design inconsistencies before the website launch. Post-launch, we also offer maintenance and updates, ensuring your website remains relevant and functional over time.

Thus, while we aim for efficiency, we don’t compromise on quality. Each website is a unique undertaking, and our timeframes respect the need for personalized, high-quality digital solutions for our clients.

The cost of a website can vary greatly. Asking about how much a website costs would be like asking a builder about the price of a new home, or a car dealer about the cost of a new vehicle – the answer hinges on many variables.

In the case of websites, factors that impact cost include the size (or the number of pages), the design sophistication (visual appeal), and ecommerce capabilities (the ability to facilitate transactions directly from your site). These are just a few of the variables that influence cost.

Given this degree of variability, the range of cost for a new website that The Story Web Design & Marketing creates could vary anywhere from 3K to 50K. When we initially engage with a prospective client who needs a new website, our primary objective is to understand their business objectives, specific requirements, and their budget.

Once we have these details, we assess them holistically and generate one or more options that align with their needs. Our aim is to provide our clients with options that best suit their business objectives, requirements, and budget so that they can choose the best option for their business that brings them the maximum value.

Whether it is worth paying for a website design service depends on your goals, budget, time, and expertise.

If your requirements for a website are basic and the quality of its look isn’t that important, it’s possible to create a simple professional website. There are many tools and resources you can take advantage of.

However, you will want to use a professional website design service if:

  • You don’t have a lot of time
  • Your website needs are more complex
  • You value a professionally designed look and feel

For businesses, in particular, a website is often the first point of contact with potential customers. A professionally designed website can help in making a strong first impression, enhancing your brand’s credibility, and improving customer engagement.

A good web design expert can also bring a wealth of knowledge on user experience, SEO, responsive design, and web accessibility. These factors are vital in ensuring that your website performs optimally, ranks well on search engines, and can be accessed by a wide range of users, including those with disabilities.

And creating a website takes a lot of time, especially for someone with little to no experience in web design. If you value your time or if your time could be better spent elsewhere then hiring a professional web design service could be better for you.

Big companies like Coca-Cola or Ford tend to revamp their websites annually. However, these are the exception to the frequency most companies should update their websites with.

The schedule of getting a new website should primarily be dictated by its relevance to your current business and website. In other words, when your website stops accurately represent your business, including the services you render, your brand identity, or any other pertinent aspects, it’s time for an update.

In most cases, the determining factor is not a rigid time frame but the alignment of your digital presence with your business’s evolving reality. If you are looking for a specific time period of when you should get a comprehensive website overhaul, we would give you a broad range – anywhere between 3 to 8 years.

The variation in the amount of time between new websites is based on several factors such as changes in your business, the market environment, customer preferences, or digital technology trends. For instance, if you diversify your product offerings or undergo a brand overhaul, it’s essential to promptly reflect these changes on your website.

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