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We love making awesome looking websites

Beyond Just Good Looks: Crafting Exceptional Websites

Beyond Just Good Looks: Crafting Exceptional Websites

We love making awesome looking websites. 

Our clients need awebsite that does than just an attractive website. They need a website that is user-friendly, clear in its messaging, and effective in turning visitors into leads. That’s what gets us excited at The Story. We are passionate about making great websites – websites that look amazing and more.

What’s in a name?

The name The Story Web Design & Marketing comes from the belief that:

Every website tells a story. The question is, what story is the website actually telling? And what unintentional stories is it telling?

Most websites tell unintentional stories. When The Story Web Design & Marketing started in 2012, we started with the basics. We found companies that had crappy looking websites, because a crappy looking website tells an unintentional story most companies don’t want told. We helped those companies move up to a good looking website.

Since that time, we’ve come to do much more for our clients than just create visually appealing websites. We craft sites that are superbly designed and developed, aligning with our clients’ business objectives.

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What does it mean to be story tellers?

Stories are so important because stories engage, they are memorable, and they create emotion that helps people make decisions. We help our customers to tell different types of stories on their websites, through design, copywriting, and video.

What makes exceptional design?

  • Everyone thinks it looks great
  • It feels simple and easy to read
  • It aligns with the branding and vision of our client
  • It must be developed with excellence

Creating excellent designs isn’t easy. Web design is both art and science. Great web design requires talent, vision, and a determination to get things done just right.

Creating Our Client’s Vision

Many years ago, when we were gathering feedback from clients on newly completed websites, we encountered, encountered an enlightening revelation. Two separate clients told us almost the exact same thing. They told us that they didn’t know exactly what they wanted, until we showed it to them.

Our “aha” moment

That was our aha moment. That’s what we do for our clients. We aligning with what our clients envision, even when they can’t fully articulate it. Most of our clients have a few precise ideas of what they want and then they have a blend of likes and dislikes.

Our method involves detailed discussions and varied approaches to uncover their vision, after which our team develops concept designs that accurately embody what our clients seek.

Testimonials What Our Clients Are Saying

We love our website. The Story delivered on what they said they would, both in the time frame we needed and at the price we agreed to – with no surprises. They continue to provide excellent support after the launch.

Michael LaPorte

General Manager,
Clearview Nursery

“Ensuring that your website looks & functions well on various”

Wayne Brodland

Professor Emeritus,
University of Waterloo

The design and development work is excellent.  It delivered on my vision.  It’s clean and pleasing to the eye.

Dave Mason

300 Cybersecurity

“Ensuring that your website looks & functions well on various”

Nikki May

Social Media & Marketing Director,
Babysitting Connection

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