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Creating Legal Documents for eCommerce Website

Creating a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy for your website can be very time-consuming.  If you engage a lawyer, it can also be very expensive.

One approach is to review websites of similar businesses and copy/modify the text that is appropriate.  This method can work but takes a lot of time and effort.

There are a number of options – both free and paid – you may want to consider when creating the necessary legal documents for your website.

Shopify: Free Return Policy generator creator for Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions,  and Refund Policy.


Privacy Policy: Free Return & Refund Policy generator (note they offer free templates for Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions too).


Termly: Free Refund & Return policy generator (note they offer other paid options).


Intuit QuickBooks has created a useful guide.

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