Guerrilla Cube Build Your Own Configurator

Feature Web Design Project: Guerrilla Cube

The Story is always excited to work on an cool product with an interesting opportunity.  Guerrilla Cube had a unique web design and development requirement.

What did they need?

Guerrilla Cube needed a new website that provided lots of visuals of their trade show booths.  They needed a way to engage prospects in the ability to visualize what their solution could offer their clients.

Additionally, they wanted an interactive application which allowed users to visually be able to build their own Guerrilla Cube with various options and be able to see what it is like.

What’s the cool thing that was built?

We developed a 3D Configurator that has a number of very cool features that are built into the configurator.

  • The configurator allows users to choose which model and which options.
  • The configurator allows the user to rotate it to see how their custom options look from various angles.
  • Once a user is finished, they can email themselves an image of the custom options they’ve chosen.
  • It’s got unique settings for mobile phones to make sure it works well on smaller screen sizes.

To check out the Guerrilla Cube Build Your Own, click on the image below:

Guerrilla Cube Build Your Own Configurator

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