Should I Use a Slider for My Website

Should I Use a Slider for My Website?

In the world of web design, a slider is a fancy way of saying slideshow. It is one image transitioning to another image. Sliders are typically found at the top of a home page and feature a large image with a headline or short paragraph that transitions to another large image with a headline or short paragraph and so on.

When They Were Cool

When sliders first appeared, most people thought they were really cool. Everyone wanted them.  And why not? Sliders looked great, offered new functionality and allowed companies to feature their top products or services.

Sliders are no longer cool. Design trends have changed and this is not a bad thing sliders have been proven to have a negative impact on converting prospects into customers.  Not something you want to hear given this is likely the main objectives of your website.  Why do sliders impact conversion?

  1. Sliders stop people from reading the content on your website. As people wait for the pictures to slide they can get frustrated because either the pictures move to fast and they don’t have time to read the text or the pictures move to slowly and they lose interest and move onto something more urgent. Either way, your prospect has become disengaged.
  2. Sliders are often used when a company can’t choose one focus for its home page. Providing a prospect three to five ideas, products or services is a problem. People no longer have the patience to wait while your slider scrolls through various options. They want information about one idea, product or service that they can quickly skim.
  3. Sliders are tired and old. Sliders may have worked when they were new and cool Websites didn’t have very many images when sliders came along but now most websites are filled with great images. Sliders are a design tool whose time has come and gone.

Quick to Understand

If sliders are a thing of the past, then what is future? Helping people to quickly understand the focus of your website and what you are all about.  In order to do that use:  

  • A feature image
  • A row of 2 to 4 images with short titles and brief descriptions
  • A quote to make a statement

There are lots of design techniques that can feature your company and its offering, without using a slider. Make your website engaging and visually compelling, and watch your website’s success grow.

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