ELITE IVF Web Design Feature Project

Feature Web Design Project – ELITE IVF

ELITE IVF is a Global Fertility Agency.  They work with intended parents (people who want to have a baby), egg donors and surrogates.  They provide advanced fertility services and have a focus on clinically proven solutions and results.

ELITE IVF needed a web design company that create a new look website that still reflected their brand and the feel of the previous website.  The website had to be professional, visually compelling as well as easy to read and navigate.

There was lots of detail that was attended to in the development of the website and optimizing it for mobile friendliness.  Additionally, we are in the process of implementing multiple language versions of the website.

The Story created a highly customized website design that enabled Elite IVF to effectively separate out their website to their three main target markets.

You can check out more detail on the web design of ELITE IVF in our portfolio.

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