Elite IVF

The Brief

ELITE IVF is a global fertility agency for intended parents, egg donors and surrogates. They are known for their scientific understanding, technology and methods.

ELITE IVF has a team of specialists that are dedicated to providing faster treatment times. ELITE IVF has a track record of higher pregnancy success rates.

The Approach

Elite IVF’s marketing team approached The Story. ELITE IVF had a very dated website. They wanted a new modern design that was looked fantastic and was engaging, while still aligning with the style of the outdated website.

The Story provided two unique design concepts for Elite IVF. They loved them both and it was a difficult decision for them to choose one design.

The Story worked with the marketing and copywriting team to create designs as The Story received them in order to design and develop the website as quickly as possible.

The Results

Elite IVF was very pleased with the website. It reflected their previous design while being bold, professional and very attractively done throughout. The imagery of the people used within the website reflects who their clients are.

Services Provided Include:

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