How to Guide for Launching a Website

How to Guide for Launching a Website

Launching a great website in a short period of time requires organization and management.  Here’s an overview of the information and resources you and your website designer will need in order to complete your website.

The Look of Your Website

Know the look you want.  This is often done by telling your website designer what other websites that you like, and why you like them.

You also need to let your website designer what corporate graphic designer requirements you have.  Here’s the graphic design related stuff that you will need to provide.  Please note that many companies will not have all of the following:

  • Corporate guidelines for colors or fonts
  • Corporate images
  • Company Logo, emblems, and product graphics
  • Images of people, products, etc.
  • Any related drawings or graphics
  • Samples of stock photos that align with the image you want for your website
  • Video files and/or links

Login Information

Any related login information that is related to your website will be required.  This can include:

  • Login for your domain name registrar
  • Login for your existing host provider (this may be the same as your domain name registrar)
  • Login for your existing website
  • Login for any external systems for landing pages
  • Access to Google Analytics or any other related analytics systems
  • Login for your Email Marketing or Marketing Automation Systems

Contact Information

Gather all of the contact information you want for your website.  And list where you want the information to show (including top bar, menu bar, footer, contact page):

  • Company address or addresses if there are multiple locations
  • Email addresses – note, login information for email might be required
  • Social Media site URLs (links) – determine which social media outlets are most relevant for your company/clients/prospects

Your Website Structure

Create a document that outlines all of your pages.  Order them logically.  For example, all of the pages related to your company (for example: about us, history, staff) need to be organized under the About Us (or similar) heading.

  • What items do you want in the menu at the top (note, some people call this the “tabs” as it is similar to tabs in a file folder system)?
  • Do you want any menu items in a top bar?
  • Do you want any menu items in the footer?

Note: Please keep in mind that a short menu structure in your header (the top of your website) is better than longer.  Your website designer can help you determine the optimal structure.

Your Website Content

Gather together the copy writing for all of your website pages.  Alternatively, you can speak with your designer about getting help with copy writing for your website.  Many web design service firms will offer copy writing or they can refer you to someone who is a copywriter.

Create a site-map of your content.  This is an organized list of all of your pages.  For example all products would go under products.  Company, History and Team would go under About Us.

If you are writing your own copy, typically your most important pages are your Home Page and your About Page.  Next in priority are your main service and/or product pages.

Key pages for your website design include:

  • Home Page
  • Product or service pages
  • About Us page
  • Profile pages
  • Resources
  • Contact page

Other pages you may want to have include but can get forgotten include:

  • Copyright
  • Privacy Policy – usually states” privacy policy” and then links to a separate page
  • Terms of Use – usually states “terms of use” and then links to a separate page

Before you go live:

  • Proof read all content
  • Test each page and all links
  • Test your pages on different sized devices, such as tablets and smart phones
  • Optimize your images, making sure you are using the right size and resolution

Going Live

  • Add Google Analytics and make sure it’s working
  • Test all forms
  • If using any external backups, make sure they are configured
  • Install any relevant security systems
  • Use a system for caching as this will enhance website speed

Our Process

If you’d like to learn about the process of The Story, please review how we work with our clients on a project: How We Will Create Your Website.  There are many small business web design companies that can help you with your website.  Let’s talk today to see if your requirement is an ideal fit for our company to deliver the success you need.

We at The Story are creative, experienced and task focused. We would like the opportunity to discuss your web design requirements or concepts.  Contact us for an initial consultation at 800-349-3394.

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