No Boring Copy Please

'Boring' is not an option if you want to get results with your website. You need to grab attention and emotionally engage.
Too many websites have good products and services. Too few websites have great copy that people actually read and then choose to buy.
If you want results, you need to get relevant and engaging copy that drives action.

Why You Must Do It

If your website is delivering the results you want, then you don’t need help. If however, you want better results, something has to change. You MUST use interesting copy that gets emotions involved.

People don’t make decisions based on logic. They say things like “It felt right,” or they have a “gut reaction.” These are emotions that get people to take action.

How to Create Great Copy


Understand Your Client

For each of your target markets, you want to understand who your target market is and what makes them tick, including things like:

  • What do they do for a living?  What’s their title?
  • What are the issues they are dealing with?
  • What desires do they have?
  • What are their personal aspirations?
  • What are their business goals?
  • What motivates them?
  • What are they reading?
  • What blogs do they follow?
  • What social causes do they support?


What do they Want?

What are the problems that your target market want to resolve – that are related to your solution? What frustrations are these problems causing them? If these problems were fixed, how would things be different with their job, company and life?

What aspects of your solution can help your target market achieve their desires or wants.

You want your target customer to align themselves with the problems your product or service solves. They should identify with the frustration of not being able to solve these problems today. You need them to picture themselves with their problems solved and their desires fulfilled.


Getting to the Story

What success stories do you have that relate to your client situation? The situation needs to include someone in a similar role that they are in, the problems that they are experiencing, and a successful resolution.

The Details

Are logic and reason important? Do they need to know the details about what you are offering? Absolutely, yes! People justify their emotional decision with logic. That means that the ROI, facts and functions can be very important in getting your prospect to take action to buy.

They Need Hope

Your target client hasn’t addressed these problems before, because they haven’t felt that there was an answer to their problems. You’ve got them excited at the potential of solving the problem, but they don’t believe you. It’s not that they don’t want to. They just want to be sure. They need proof. When you provide enough proof, you provide them with confidence to act.

A Path Forward

What is a reasonable next step for your prospect to take? Ask them to take it. It could be Buy Now, Sign Up, Register or many more. You need to ask them to do something


Make sure your prospects know how to purchase your solution.
Make it easy.

A Step Forward

Keep in mind that lots of solutions aren't sold on the first visit. Make sure that what you are asking is reasonable for a first-time visitor. Providing a stepping stone resource can be very important. The key is it must be valuable. And it should be perceived as being a quick win to helping them move forward on resolving one of their issues.

Here's How It Works

Be Relevant

The Story does a deep dive into your business. We dig in to understand your target markets: what pains they have; what motivates them and more. We explore your products and services how they are valuable to your target market's needs.

Be Engaging

The Story uses principles of story telling that are used for movies, books and lots of professional advertising. The copy we write is highly interesting and targeted to be relevant and most importantly, it engages emotionally with your target market.

Get More Leads and Sales

The Story creates compelling calls to action. We create resources that your target market considers valuable. Develop must have resources. We align your advertising and promotion with your website copy so choosing to buy is something your prospects are motivated to do.

About The Story

The Story Web Design & Digital Marketing was founded to tell better stories with websites. The Story focuses on telling better stories with your brand, how your website looks, engaging copy, advertising, social media and high value resources.

We have a team of specialists in

  • graphic design
  • digital marketing strategy
  • copywriting
  • search engine optimization
  • online advertising and promotion
  • conversion rate optimization
  • other areas related to digital marketing
Many of our customers are small- and medium-sized businesses that have been frustrated with the results of their website. We work with our clients to understand what they want to achieve and deliver to them the results they need.

What Kind of Copy Do You Want?

Boring, Irrelevant and Dull copywriting delivers:


A whole lot of nothing

Interesting, Relevant and Emotionally Engaging copy delivers:


Improved Online Presence


Surge in Engagement with Your Website


Increased Leads


More Sales Opportunities

Change Your Business

If you want to generate more business and you need interesting, relevant
copy that engages your target market, get a free initial consultation today.