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Checklist #4 – Simple, Engaging, Effective

First impressions matter. It takes less than one second to form a first impression about a person. It takes milliseconds for users to form an opinion about a website. A well-designed website grabs your visitor’s attention. A website that is simply and attractively designed, is easily understood and has valuable content that straightforward to find adds credibility to your business. Credibility translates into increased website visits and conversions of prospects into customers.

The two key elements of a well-designed website:

  • Simple Design
  • Engaging Copy

Simple Website Design

For a website design you need to consider structure, user interface, navigation, layout, colors, fonts, graphic design and images. When making decisions about these design elements remember, you only have milliseconds to grab your visitors’ attention or they will abandon your website and move on to the next. A website with a simple, clean design will also load faster. The faster your website loads the less likely a visitor is to abandon.

Your website design needs to be simple to understand, navigate, scan and read.


Visitors need to understand very quickly who you are and what you are offering them just by looking at your website’s landing page.


People are terrible at making decisions. The more options they have, the less likely they are to make a decision. And providing too many options tends to overload people so they don’t read any of them. So, wherever possible, provide fewer options. This will invite visitors to efficiently navigate your website and get where they need to go quickly.


Most visitors skim the pages of a website looking for the information that is relevant to them. A design that is clean and easy to scan will get users where they want to go quickly.


Make sure the message you are communicating is clear and easy to read. Your information must be relevant to your prospective clients: the information they are looking for and their resources they need for their buying process.

Engaging Website Copy

Your website copy needs to immediately grab your visitor’s attention and hang onto it. Don’t save your best copy for last. You want to share your most relevant, important information first. Let visitors know what you do and what value you can provide to them.

Your copy must be well written and directed at your target audience. When it comes to copy, less is more. Cut unnecessary words and ideas. Get to the point. This will make your website easier for visitors to scan, find what they need and take action.

Other tips for great copy:

  • Use bullet points and list – easy to scan
  • Use bold face – draws attention to main ideas
  • Use italic – breaks up copy
  • Write short sentences and paragraphs – easy to read on mobile device

Writing copy that’s simple, engaging and relevant is often the most difficult part of website design. Consider using the services of a professional copywriter.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words so choose engaging imagery that reflects your image/brand and is relevant to the product/service you sell.

Focused on Conversion

Your website has the potential to be more than just your business’ online presence. Your website should be designed in order to get visitors to do something. That something depends on what your business objectives are. Your objectives can include: buying, phoning, filling out a contact form, registering for a valuable resource that can help them in their decision making, and more.

With website design and copywriting, keep asking yourself, “Will this help prospects to convert to become customers?”

The World Wide Web is fiercely competitive. With only milliseconds to grab and hang onto visitors’ attention, you prospects need to have a compelling reason to stick around your website and decide they are interested in your product. Consider the services of a professional web designer and copy writer to ensure your website get the results you want.

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