BVD Group

The Brief

Historically, BVD Group has been a travel centre, providing diesel fuel, and various amenities for the trucking industry.  BVD Group has changed though, and they needed a website that would not only fully showcase everything available at their travel centres, they needed to be able to showcase their capital services, equipment finance, real estate, and truck sales.  In addition, BVD wanted its website to provide a better brand that exhibited them as a significant corporate player in the trucking industry.


The Approach

BVD Group wanted a way for visitors to easily see, in the first screen on of the website, what services they offer.  It needed to be simple and easy to understand.  Multiple concepts were discussed and presented.  BVD was very excited about the design presented.

The Story then needed to create a way where each of the 5 business units appeared on the website as distinct units, while being a part of the same website.  Each individual business unit has its own self-contained section with a unique menu for each of the five business units.

The Story also needed to make it so that the diesel prices would be shown live (updated every 5 minutes).


The Results

BVD is very pleased with its website and how all of their business units and offerings are showcased simply and easily, both on desktop and mobile.


Services Provided Include:

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