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Sierra Supply Chain Services

The Brief

Sierra Supply Chain Services is a North American leader in comprehensive third-party supply chain services, with over 50 years of consistently delivering value-driven solutions for our partners and customers in the food industry. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we strive to streamline operations, reduce complexities, and optimize the overall efficiency of your supply chain needs.

Sierra needed to create a website that showcased their three unique product offerings in a simple, powerful way.  They wanted to leverage video to engage visitors and help potential job applicants to find Sierra to be a compelling place to work.

The Approach

Sierra and The Story worked together to layout how information would be displayed in a way that was easy to read – both on desktop and mobile.  Multiple concepts were created and discussed.

The design process was quite interactive between Sierra and The Story in discussing the look and feel throughout the website.

The Results

Sierra Supply Chain Services loves their website.  The brand is professional, highly interactive, making it easy for prospective applicants to easily understand who they are, and potential clients can quickly and easily understand Sierra’s value proposition


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Project Name

Sierra Supply Chain Services


Horizon InteractiveGold

Services Provided Include

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Strategy
  • AODA/WCAG Compliant
  • Interactive Video


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