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The Brief

AI HealthLink, Inc. helps healthcare organizations to provide superior services with Artificial Intelligence, enabling their clients to reduce risks, improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and increase profits.

AI HealthLink needed a website showcase their capabilities to prospective customers and assist in recruiting top talent. The website had to look great, but it needed more than that. The website website needed to capture the essence of who they are and clearly communicate that to their prospective customers.

The Approach

The Story Web Design & Marketing worked extensively with AI HealthLink to discover

  • The value proposition of AI HealthLink
  • Identification of their target market, the needs, wants and issues of their target market
  • The services they provide and what needs each fulfills for their target market

Concept copy was reviewed with AI HealthLink until the concepts were approved and the remainder of the copy was created

The Story also created the branding for AI HealthLink, including logo, business cards and letterhead.
The Story created multiple custom design concepts from which AI HealthLink chose which concept best reflected the look and feel that they wanted for their company website.

The Results

The Story created a custom designed website that is very professional and has visuals which reflect the messages that they want to convey about AI HealthLink and the types of people that they work with.

The Story created copy for AI HealthLink that captured the essence of their offering, with language that appeals to the needs and wants of their target market.

AI HealthLink was very pleased with all aspects: copywriting, web design and development, and branding.

AI HealthLink
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AI HealthLink

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