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The Brief

Cindy Waxer is an award-winning writer whose work covers business and technology for top publications, creative agencies and Fortune 500 corporations. She needed a way to better portray herself as an elite journalist and copywriter. She needed a creative way to organize and display her areas of expertise and the depth and quality household names she has worked with. .

Our Approach

The Story Web Design & Marketing provided a premier website redesign for Cindy’s website.

The Story provided a creative way to display her work that made organization sense and made it easy for visitors to quickly absorb the significance of her experience.

The Story has provided strategic guidance for how to best use her language on her website for maximum impact.

The Result

Cindy’s new website quickly conveys what she does, who she does it for and provides instant was given an international award for its design.

The new website design provided a balance of static content, ongoing new content, and provides proof of her credibility.

Services Provided Include:

  • Web Redesign
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Content Writing Assistance
  • Foundational Search Engine Optimization

“Working with Trevor on my website was an absolute pleasure. He was quick with ideas, eager to lend his technical expertise, and readily available to answer questions or brainstorm on innovative designs. I highly recommend The Story Web Design & Marketing.”

Cindy Waxer
Journalist and Copywriter

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